Plywerk and National Day of Unplugging

Where are you right now as you’re reading this? Who is around you? What if you, right now, turned off your phone, closed your laptop computer, or walked away from your desk and didn’t finish reading this article? We couldn’t really be mad at you, because we kind of plan to do the same thing, as part of the National Day of Unplugging on March 6th-7th. At Plywerk, we won’t be answering phones, replying to emails, or running our hair dryers for a full 24 hours starting the evening of the 6th.

Join The National Day Of Unplugging – March 6 7  2015

If you are still reading, then here are a couple reasons why we’re choosing to do this. For one, it’s a good reminder of how much energy we use every day. That energy comes from somewhere, and it’s easy to take it for granted. We work hard to ensure our facilities are as green as possible, that our photo display products are sustainable and eco-conscious, and that the materials that go into packing and shipping them is recyclable. Stanley, our picture display stand, is even made from upcycled Western Walnut, and we find a second life for our scrap wood in the form of keychains for Green Drop Garage and craft materials for SCRAP. But we still need to be reminded of our energy impact from time to time.


Unplug and get outside! Take an awesome shot and get it Plywerked. Image by Kim Nguyen

The second reason we’re choosing to participate, and the real reason for the National Day of Unplugging, is to get back in touch with the world physically around us. Let’s put down our smartphones and start up a conversation with the person next to us. Let’s get outside and explore the outdoors. Let’s eat some great food, drink a pint of craft beer, and laugh about stupid things with our friends and family. (Or laugh about smart things. Either way works, really.)

So I think it’s time I shut down this computer. I hope you’ll join us in doing the same.

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Lisa Neild Photography’s Plywerk Bamboo Triptychs

We love to see all the creative ways that our customers use Plywerk. When it comes to professional photographers, we want to make sure we’re doing our part to help them help their customers, too. We believe Plywerk photo display products offer a beautiful and unique way to present prints to clients, and our Prodeal offers discounts for professional photographers. Lisa Neild, of Wilmette, Illinois, recently began offering a photo product for her clients that uses Plywerk photo panels in a very cool way.

Wilmette Photographer   Lisa Neild Photography   Lisa Neild Photography

We’re honored that photographer Lisa Neild is using our Custom Print on Plywerk products as part of what she offers to her clients!

The “Triple Play,” as she calls it, is a new package that includes the photo session, three custom prints on eco-conscious Plywerk panels, and 25 custom notecards. These bamboo triptychs offer a unique final product delivery that helps set Lisa apart from the crowd. As she puts it:

This is the perfect opportunity to capture an entertaining and lively series of your toddler, pets, or your kids showing off their many talents, skills and hobbies. A photo series lets you delve a little deeper and tell a richer story.


We’ve never seen a photo product quite like this, an actual session and deliverable dedicated to a triptych, and we think it’s a great idea! We are honored that Lisa chose Plywerk as the mounting medium for her new Triple Play photo package, and we hope it brings her many satisfied clients! If you’re interested in more ways to use Plywerk, head over to our Ideas Page, and if you want to share your own, sound off in the comments!

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Join us for Vinny’s Birthday Party!

On March 5, we’ll be throwing the best first birthday party you’ve ever been invited to. That’s because it’s for Vinny, our newest product line currently in the crowdfunding stage. Vinny acts much older than his age implies, because he’s all about vinyl records, whether helping you display them or organize them. Available as a frame, stand, or crate, we’re actually celebrating the birthday of several different Vinnies. So come party with us!

PLYWERK Vinny all 3 side Feb15

The Vinny Suite, made with juniper from Eastern Oregon. We’ve got a stand, two frames and a crate for all of your vinyl needs!

In addition to showing off Vinny, we’ll have plenty of other things going on that day. Local musician, Kevin Lee Florence of Fluff and Gravy Records, will be performing live, and we’ll be featuring a local album-art art-show! Curated by the Portland Mercury,  attendees can vote for their favorite album art and enter for a chance to with the album and a Vinny frame! And if that’s not already enough reason to show up, Commissary will be on hand serving up special Vinny cocktails with New Deal Distillery gin! (Gin and Vinny share a common ancestor in the juniper tree, so it all makes sense, see?) Clinton Street Records will also be providing some restored retro hi-fi for your listening pleasure.

PLYWERK juniper gifts 06 Feb15

Commissary will be serving New Deal Distillery gin cocktails (made from juniper, just like Vinny) at the party!

Alright, let’s recap: we’re throwing a party, you get to drink gin, you could win an album and a new Plywerk Vinny album frame, there’s live music, an album art show, and it’s on March 5th. We’ll see you there!

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Featured Artist March – Morgan Grether

Morgan Stone Grether

Current place of residence?

Portland, Oregon, USA

Your website?


When was the last time you ate a pancake?

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Plywerk for Non-Profits: uAspire

This might come as a surprise to you, but Plywerk isn’t actually our get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, getting rich is really far down on our list of priorities. We put planet and people before profit, which means ensuring our business, and the photo display products we make, are as eco-friendly as can be, while doing everything humanly possible to maintain a happy and healthy workforce. It also means taking an active role in our larger community, which is why we love getting to work with some truly wonderful non-profit organizations.


uAspire is one such organization. We recently had the opportunity to Continue reading

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