Going Beyond Green with Eco-friendly Shipping

At Plywerk, we devote a great deal of our mental faculties to figuring out how to work more efficiently and reduce our impact on this planet. For example, all our photo display products rely on bamboo, maple, or walnut woods, and we work to ensure they are all sustainably harvested. Stanley is made completely with upcycled Western Walnut and an all-natural oil/wax finish, and we recycle our own scrap wood as much as possible—including making keychains out of it for Green Drop Garage.


Keychains for Green Drop Garage made from our bamboo scraps!

But running a green workshop is only half the story. After we cut, sand, and mount your pictures to our custom frames, we also have to get them to you. We can say all we want about our sustainable production, but if we deliver the final product packaged in non-recyclable materials, that kind of defeats the purpose. In 2011, we switched from using bubblewrap to sustainable Geami GreenWrap, which is 100% recyclable. This alone has saved roughly 40,000 square feet of bubblewrap from entering the ecosystem since 2011. We also source most of our boxes and other packaging materials locally from Carton Service, which even provides many supplies that are made from surplus materials.


Here are a few examples of how we ship eco-friendly!

One of the more difficult materials to replace with a green alternative was freezer paper, but thanks to EcoWrap we now have a freezer paper that not only resists moisture, but is 100% recyclable. EcoWrap also comes courtesy of a local company: Pac Paper in Vancouver.

Of course at some point, the boxes need to be loaded onto a truck and driven to their destination, which means C02 coming out of a tailpipe. While we offer local pickup so that our Portland customers can strap their Plywerk to their bikes, that doesn’t work as well for our out-of-town customers. That’s why we purchase carbon-offsets for all our UPS shipping, which ensures that for all the carbon put into the atmosphere to deliver our products, an equal amount of carbon is reduced elsewhere in the world. While carbon-offsets are not a cure-all, this is a verified, audited process, and we feel confident using it to support our eco-friendly shipping procedures.

There is, of course, a third part of the equation—you. We work as hard as we can to be more than just green, but we are always looking for ways to improve. If you have ideas for how we can improve the eco-friendliness of our production and shipping practices, then we want to hear from you.

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Here’s a Great Holiday Recipe Display Idea: Stanley

Here’s another great use for Stanley, our upcycled Western Walnut picture display stand that is proving to be much more than just a classy alternative to a picture frame for holding holiday photos. We’ve already shown you some of the other uses for Stanley, and now we’re back with something entirely new, a holiday recipe display idea using non other than our own Stanley!


We understand this isn’t obvious at first, but Stanley’s unique design and crazy-strong neodymium magnets allow him to easily hold just about any paper-based material—not just photographs. By inserting a recipe where the picture would normally go, you can instantly transform Stanley into a recipe display stand. Are you with me? Yeah?


Now, there are two great reasons to use Stanley to display recipes. The first is to let Stanley help you in the cooking and baking process by holding your recipe upright. This reduces the counter space, or footprint, required for the recipe, keeping it out of the way of your working area while still being easy to reference at any moment. Depending on your kitchen layout, you could even use just one half of Stanley to magnetically hold your recipe to any applicable surface, like your refrigerator.

The second use is to invite Stanley to your holiday party, where he will happily display Grandma’s famous apple pie recipe right next to the pie itself, so your guests can decide whether or not they want to live dangerously by consuming that much sugar that night. In fact, invite a few of Stanley’s friends (who are also conveniently named Stanley) to show off the recipe for each dish. Guests will marvel at your culinary expertise (“Ooh, I didn’t know you put kale in this!”) while also being able to discreetly avoid any unwanted ingredients, like gluten and animals.

So now that you have even another use for Stanley, go ahead and visit the li’l guy in our store. He’s been looking for a home just like yours!

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Stanley Goes to Work: Stylish Menu Display Ideas

If you’ve been hanging around this here Plywerk blog recently, then you’ve seen how Stanley has been making the news quite frequently. We previously spoke of Stanley’s adeptness at displaying photographs at a wedding, and also threw in the idea of using him to display the dinner menu. But what if you’re looking for a stylish menu display idea, and you’re not at a wedding? Well guess what? Stanley still wants the job!

photo 1

Happy Hour Menu from Pacific Pie Company!

That’s right, the little picture stand that could is expanding into new markets. No longer satisfied with simply putting your memories on display in your home or at your wedding, now he’s squarely positioned himself to take the professional business sector by storm. Are you a restauranteur with a flair for the classy? Have you been searching for a table display that is both stylish and makes it easy to switch out regularly-changing happy hour and specials menus? Do you have an opening for a maitre d’? Well then Stanley is the man for you.

photo 4

Table Top Menu from Pacific Pie Company!

Stanley’s upcycled western walnut with eco-friendly wax finish exemplifies our dedication to the environment, but also presents a dark, distinguished appearance, which Stanley will tell you is merely a surface-level manifestation of his inner wit and sophistication. He fits in nearly anywhere, and is just as comfortable suggesting a hot sauce at a sports bar as he is recommending wine pairings to foreign dignitaries. His small footprint won’t impede dinner table conversations, and his neodymium magnets offer a secure way to hold your rotating tap list upright, yet make it a breeze to switch out when needed. He’s also available in three different sizes, to accommodate different types of content, from upcoming live music performances to seasonal desert menus.

So much more than a picture stand, Stanley is a great way to add some custom decor to accent the mood of a restaurant, brewery, or café. Pair him with an elegant Plywerk bamboo art panel wall display for maximum effectiveness.

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Using Stanley to Display Photos at a Wedding

In the years I spent as a wedding photographer, I came across many fun ways to display photographs at the ceremony and reception, from simple picture frames, to photo books, to cardboard cutouts of the bride and groom. A wedding offers a rare opportunity for entire families and groups of friends to be together, and is the perfect time to put your memories on display. And Stanley, the newest addition to our Plywerk family, is a simple and elegant solution for doing exactly that.

PLYWERK Stanley wedding 2 Aug14

As its name suggests, Stanley is an easy-to-use photo stand, consisting of two wood blocks held together by some crazy-strong magnets. It is incredibly easy to transport and set up, so it’s great for weddings when time is of the essence. Use it to display those embarrassingly-cute baby pictures of the bride and groom, photos from the engagement shoot, or just about anything else. (You could even use Stanley to display the timeline or dinner menu—now that’s thinking outside the frame).

PLYWERK Stanley wedding 1 Aug14

Like all of our photo-mounting solutions, Stanley represents our unflinching commitment to the environment. Available in three sizes, it is made from sustainably harvested and upcycled Western Walnut courtesy of The Joinery right here in Portland, OR. It is then hand-finished with an all-natural oil/wax blend, giving it a rich and beautiful surface so that Stanley looks its best on your wedding day.

Stanley is the easy-to-use, sustainable, and elegant custom photo display stand that will look right at home at your wedding. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and introduce yourself.

Article written by Daven Mathies

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Using Stanley to Switch out Holiday Artwork

Tired of stacks of greeting cards piling up on your counter? Having trouble finding a creative way to display your seasonal dessert list? Have you met Stanley yet? If so, you already know about the sophistication, classy appearance, and incredible versatility of this upcycled Walnut picture display stand. If not, then allow me to highlight some of his most important attributes to illustrate how Stanley is the perfect holiday art display.

photo 1

You see, Stanley is made from high-quality, sustainably-sourced Western Walnut, and finished with an all natural oil/wax blend (it’s even safe enough to gnaw on, although we don’t recommend it). He also looks fantastic, but he’s not just decorative. Using crazy-strong neodymium magnets, Stanley can easily hold any piece of printed material upright, and makes it easy to switch out prints over time. This not only means he is perfect for displaying holiday pictures, but also for greeting cards, Christmas carols lyrics, or even seasonal menus at a restaurant.

Stanley is so much more than a picture display stand. He’s a proud example of our commitment to the sustainable production of eco-conscious picture frames and other display products. And, he’s the perfect companion to your mantel, tabletop, bedside table, or anywhere else you’d like to display a changing selection of seasonal content every year.

Available in three sizes, Stanley will scale nicely to whatever task you present him with, from holding the latest family photo to displaying a tap list of winter seasonal ales. He looks at home in virtually any environment, and if you act now, you can even pick him up at significant savings using the WHATADEAL discount code at checkout (ends November 25th). So what are you waiting for? Head over and introduce yourself.

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