Spring Break Destinations in the Pacific NW

Spring break is here, and with it comes, well, more rain, apparently. But we don’t let a little something like rain get us down in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some of our favorite PNW spring break destinations (each of which obviously presents fantastic photo opportunities so you can Plywerk your spring break memories and savor them for years to come.)

Ecola Park at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Photo by Daven Mathies (hey, that's me!)

View from Ecola Park in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Photo by Daven Mathies (hey, that’s me!)

The Oregon Coast. Oregon’s coastline presents breathtaking sights, from sandy beaches and rocky outcroppings to stunning Continue reading

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Plywerkers Love Grouptrail!

Grouptrail is a project management platform with a twist: they are Portland-based, eco-friendly, built by a certified B Corporation, and they have a cycling team. Why do they have a cycling team? Something about a wheel in their logo and they like to ride bikes. We also like to ride bikes, so we decided to help sponsor their cycling team (we even join them a few times a year for their recreational rides).


Some of the members of Grouptrail cycling team out on the cyclocross trail.

Grouptrail isn’t just project management for work; it’s a way to keep track of all your projects underneath all the hats you wear: work, home, school, play—whatever it is. It’s the perfect solution, say, if you build eco-friendly picture frames during the week and race cyclocross on the weekend, or if you’re a full-time employed college student doing freelance writing on the side.

But as good as the Grouptrail product is by itself, our real love is for the people behind it and the philosophy they bring to their work. As a certified B Corporation, home-brewed right here in Portland, they embody the same triple bottom line policy that we do here at Plywerk: people, planet, and profit. They also share our commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, Grouptrail is available in both free and paid versions, and with the paid version, a portion of your monthly dues is donated to charity.

So if you’re looking for a great project management solution, or you just want to go for a bike ride, consider giving Grouptrail a try!


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The Best Lenses For Outdoor Photography

Our friends at Outdoor Project and Pro Photo Supply put together a piece on choosing the right lens for your next outdoor adventure. Given the incredible weather we’ve been having here in Portland, we decided to share it here. So grab your camera, head outside, and Plywerk your pictures!

From the snowcapped peaks of the Cascade Range to the windswept waters of the Columbia River Gorge, the Pacific Northwest is a big draw for outdoor enthusiasts. With adventure waiting around every corner, there is also ample photographic opportunity. So when you next hear the call of the wild, here are the best lenses for capturing wildlife, portraits, and landscapes along your journey. As with all creative endeavors, rules are meant to be broken, so we have included a notable exception within each category. In addition, and of most interest to experienced shooters, you will find a pro tip at the end of each category to enhance the learning objective!


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Plywerk Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Hey look, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Wow, that came up quickly! What are we going to do with so little time to prepare? We could quickly paint up a green version of Vinny, our vinyl album art display line, and sell him bundled with legacy U2 albums. Or maybe we should cut some shamrock-shaped Plywerk Desktop Blocks, dollop some green frosting on them, and see how they taste? Probably neither of those are good ideas. Maybe instead we should just focus on how inherently green our photo display products are without any paint or frosting.


We love this little cutie on our Custom Print on Plywerk bamboo panel!

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Records By Mail and Vinny

We’re really excited about Vinny, our newest product line, who features three distinct versions to help organize and display your vinyl record collection. With two different frame styles to hang album art on your wall, a stand to display a single record atop your stereo system, and a stackable crate to hold your entire vinyl collection, Vinny is perhaps our most unique product yet. But we couldn’t have released him without a little help from our friends.


A view into the offices of Record by Mail. Image by Records by Mail

While everybody knows Portland is a great town for keeping vinyl alive, what Continue reading

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