Freshly Plywerked: Tim Rains

We recently Plywerked this beautiful picture, and when we asked Tim if we could feature his photo he shared in return this presentation and this poem.

We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

“Glacier National Park was a return for me. A year and half prior I left the wild of the interior of Alaska burned out, and frustrated, and going through what I dubbed an emotional divorce. I had fallen in love with a place because I had not given myself permission to love a man. Alaska like any other mature, patient lover with someone new, taught me how to love.


Photo by Tim Rains

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Plywerk’s Spring Cleaning Tips and Our Spring Picture Frame Sale!

It may not look it, but spring is actually here. As such, we’re choosing to celebrate the changing of the seasons by offering you 25% off any Plywerk order when you use our incredibly creative discount code of SPRINGSALE25. We have it on good authority that if enough orders are made with this code, the sun will finally come out in Oregon.*

spring photo portland

Of course, no spring would be complete without a little spring cleaning. Whether you loath cleaning or love it, spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home, so we decided to take advantage of our vast experience and knowledge base to put together some pro spring cleaning tips.


  1. Are your walls covered with old, dark, metal picture frames that just suck the fun right out of everything? Plywerk bamboo and maple photo panels are the perfect alternative to frames for spring. Their natural, light finish provides a great accent on any wall and will help brighten your home—and your heart (awww).
  2. Alternately, our do-it-yourself picture frame, Maggie, makes it easy to switch out photos with each new season, while keeping the classic Plywerk look. Never hang another frame again! Unless you want to, we mean.
  3. Spruce up your living room with juniper! (See what I did there?) Vinny, our new line of record display products, looks great, smells amazing, and shares a common ancestor with New Deal Distillery’s Portland Dry Gin. (That common ancestor is the juniper tree, which turns out is really quite awesome).
  4. Hey, these aren’t spring cleaning tips!
  5. Well, okay, you got us there.

So in review: if you want to see the sun again any time soon, use discount code SPRINGSALE25 to call upon the sun gods and to save 20% on your Plywerk order. It’s a win-win.

*We don’t actually have this on good authority.

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Jen Meyer – April Featured Artist

Jen Meyer

Location: San Fransisco Bay Area, CA. (I moved here from Colorado last year.)


Give us a brief description of you, your work, and your style.

 I have been creating art since I was a small child—it still shows on the undersides of my grandmother’s furniture.
Over the past several years, my work has been exhibited across the country and sold to collectors around the world. My current interests include a love for exploring new places, the interconnectedness of things and people, specific nature, emotion in color, and our relationship with animals.
Since I became vegan in 2009, a large portion of my work has been made with the intention of inspiring compassion and respect for animals, by showcasing their natural beauty and individual personalities.  I hopes to inspire a loving and caring connection with animals instead of seeing them merely as “food” and “products”.
I’m currently living in the San Francisco Bay area with my hubby, Tommy, our always hungry cat, Miss Kitty, and our lovable dog, Wasabi.


What are your goals as artists?

Two goals:
to inspire compassion towards animals
to create cheerful abstract pieces that let the viewer have freedom to look at it without being told what to think or feel

From where do you draw inspiration?

Color, people, nature, animals, relationships, the interconnectedness of things and people, cities, photography, spirit, music. 

Nahcotta ETA Feb 2014 picture credit Michael winters

Photo credit Michael Winters at Nahcotta Gallery’

Why do you chose to show your prints on Plywerk?

I searched high and low, far and wide to find a board that not only is high quality and good looking, but eco-friendly and made here in the States is a plus too. 


What was the last full album you listened to?

Some Nights by fun.


Favorite living artist?

Jess Swift (my soul sister)

Lisa Congdon

Laura Berger

A ton of artists from my favorite gallery Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH and Michael Winters


Favorite type of melon?

watermelon!  yum! and hello summer

Nahcotta ETA PictureFall 2012

Photo credit Brett Cromwell at Nahcotta Gallery

Favorite deceased artist?

Don’t really have one yet

Have you seen this high-speed video of jello: ?

I have now. Then spent the next 20 minutes continuing to watch slo mo videos… I didn’t know this was such a big ‘thing’ ;-)  kinda cool.


When was the last time you ate a pancake?

Last weekend. I was at a cabin in the mountains with friends and my hubby made pancakes and vegan sausage :-)  SO good.

Favorite day of the week?

Friday because everyone loves it, it has good energy. (Also Monday because I like working)


Your favorite website besides your own?

narrowing it down to one favorite is kinda tough… I’d have to say You Tube

Favorite hair style?

pixies. And fluffy fros.

Anything else you want to tell us?

In honor of the ‘Bunny Face’ drawing of mine that Plywerk will be giving away…
Here’s a cute video about a dog that adopted baby bunnies.

Win a Photo Jen Meyer Print on Plywerk

Post a comment about Jen’s work below and you will automatically be entered to win one of their awesome images on our 3/4″ bamboo Plywerk! We will select a winner at random at the end of the month so make sure you come back to the blog in early May to see if you won and to check out the new featured artist! We’ll ship it anywhere in the US for free.
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Spring Travels – Who’s Got the Bug?

Winter get you down and now you’re ready to break out and travel somewhere? We’ve got some perfect places in mind for you to visit this spring. Take a look at our photo journey and find the perfect place for you to begin yours!

Ah, Santorini, Greece. A remnant of a volcanic caldera, the island of Santorini is the quintessential, picture perfect place to visit in the middle of the Aegean Sea. One glimpse at the pure white buildings and dark blue seas and you’ll forget winter even happened.


Santorini, Greece. You’ll never want to leave.

Sure, Holland isn’t a warm place to visit but the town streets, not to mention the countryside tulip fields, will charm you. Our co-founder and CEO, Kjell, is from here so Continue reading

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Portland Spring Events and Happenings

You know what’s cool? Lists. The Internet loves lists! So today, we treat you to a list of happenings in the Portland area going on this spring. Naturally, each event on this list presents a great time to grab your camera and take some great pictures. (We’ll be standing by to Plywerk your photos to our custom bamboo and maple picture frames and stands!) This is by no means an exhaustive list, but then again, who wants to get exhausted by reading a list? We sure don’t!

Credit:  Jamie Zanotti

Credit: Jamie Zanotti

Hood River Blossom Festival, April 11 – 26 Hood River is a mecca for Continue reading

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