25% off Handcrafted Fireworks! The Plywerk 4th of July Sale

No, we’re not selling fireworks now, but we do have a grand finale of savings on all Plywerk products for this 4th of July weekend! In celebration of Independence Day, we will be selling all custom Print on Plywerk and blank panels at 25% off when you use discount code PLY4JULY25. This sale will run from Today, July 2, through the following Monday—so act quickly!


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Featured Artist July – Julz Nally

Julz Nally

Current place of residence?

Portland, Oregon, USA

Your website?


Julz Nally

When was the last time you ate a pancake?

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Tech Tip – 5 Tips for Photographing Fireworks

With Independence Day less than a week away, it seems fitting to do a post on photographing fireworks. To make this Tech Tip extra special, we reached out to the community to provide sample images, so even if you hate reading, you’ll definitely want to see the pictures! (Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom.) Fireworks present several unique challenges for photographers, but they also make for some of the most rewarding images when you get them right. After all, who doesn’t like pictures of things exploding in a shower of sparks and a rainbow of colors? (We’re easily entertained.) Here are five tips to help ensure that your pictures of bombs bursting in air don’t, uh, bomb.

© Marisa Cieloha (view on Flickr)

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Living Future Institute visits Plywerk

Are you ready to get your green on? Because this post is so green you’re going to think you’re in the Matrix on St. Patrick’s Day. I even dimmed my monitor to just one bar above off while writing this, to save electricity and be more green. At Plywerk, we pride ourselves on producing only the leanest, greenest, eco-friendliest, handmadest photo and art display products in the land. From our classic plywood photo panels made form sustainably-harvested, CO2-neutralizing bamboo, to a Stanley picture stand built entirely from upcycled western walnut, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of everything we make.

Living Future Institute Portland

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Plywerkers Love Community Sourced Capital!

It would be nice if our handcrafted bamboo and maple photo mounting products didn’t actually cost us money to produce, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Like it or not, businesses need money—sometimes lots of it—to survive, especially when developing new products that can’t make money for themselves yet. While Maggie’s lemonade stand was a good idea, ultimately it didn’t prove fruitful (heh. heh.) That’s why we turned to Community Sourced Capital, a leading crowdfunding company specializing in supporting local small business.

Community Sourced Capital in the Seattle Times ... and on Plywerk!

Community Sourced Capital in the Seattle Times… and on Plywerk!

Crowdfunding is all the rage these days. Continue reading

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