With Saint Patrick’s Day a measly 3 days away, if you’re lucky, you’ll be too wasted to actually have to fake being sick when you call off this Friday. While we don’t have any suggestions on what to tell your boss, we do have some suggestions on what you should be drinking…


Wes, Production Assistant

Favorite Beer: Toohey’s

Why?: “Toohey’s… it’s an Australian beer. When I was in the Marine Corps., the first day I was stationed in Australia we went to go visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney. I went up to the bar and asked the bar tender what a good Australian beer was, and he poured me a Toohey’s. It’s like… a lager… the closest beer I can compare it to… it was kind of like a Heineken. It doesn’t get you too drunk, it’s just right.


James, Production Manager

Favorite Beer: ???

Why?: “I’m busy. Go bother David.


David, Assistant Production Manager

Favorite Beer: Victory At Sea, by Ballast Point

Why?: “A good buddy of mine at work named James recommended me a really good beer called Victory At Sea. It’s a coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter. It’s got 10% alcohol too. Super smooth, you pretty much only need one. It’s a good beer to relax with. Never had a beer like that before, I highly recommend it.

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I try to select a multifaceted app for my reviews so that there’s a little more ground to cover than “Hey, look at this neat trick I can do with my phone that cost’s a $1″! While I can TRY to do that, I can’t promise that is always going to happen. Sometimes against my better judgement, I select an app that can do a neat trick if I give the manufacturer a dollar. :P

Tiny Planet is an app that rotates your panoramic photos edge-to-edge so that they have a tiny, planet-like appearance.

Here’s the main image I’ll be using for my first try, I took a picture of the World’s Largest Thermometer while passing through Baker CA. on the way to Vegas.

worlds_tallest_thermometerThey should just change that to permanently say: “Too ******* Hot.”

Once my image is selected, I have three choices… Tiny Planet on the left, Rabbit Hole in the middle, and Video Planet on the right. Selecting “Tiny Planet” rotates the inside of your image clockwise.

tiny_planet_creation tiny_baker

I tried several landscape/panorama images and the ones that seemed to work the best were ones where the sides of the shot were empty/simple. If there are large, elongated objects on the sides of your image, you won’t get that floating/circular planet like appearance.



For images that fall into this category, you can try using the Rabbit Hole feature, which rotates the inside of your image outwardly, giving it an Inception/Alice In Wonderland other-worldly vibe.


Lastly, Video Planet animates your photo so that it alternates in-between the Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole filter. Once your circular filter has been applied, you now have the choice of emailing or posting it on social media. For an additional $0.99, you can unlock Tiny Planet’s “Extras Pack” that offer several different tools and video filters for your images.


So What was my overall impression of Tiny Planet?

3 out of 5

Tiny Planet delivers on the overall premise of a fun photo app. It’s simple, easy to use, and enjoyable. While the overall use of the app might be limited, I feel the concept of transforming your panoramic images into a square/planet like images is great for 2 reasons.

The first is that if you’re original image is a very long panorama, besides a computer/mobile screen, you’re not going to have many display options outside of a custom print. Tiny Planet condenses your image in a unique way where it’s transformed into more print friendly dimensions.

The second is that for the most part, your image retains all of it’s detail. While imagery on the side might get squished or overlap at the fold, you can follow the swirl and still enjoy the secenery of your image.

While the “extras pack” is a nice touch should you feel inclined to edit your image further, for me, it felt a little unnecessary since the rotating filter alters your original image so heavily, minor fixes/touches would probably go unnoticed.

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Now when you order anything off of PLYWERK… you’ll receive your very own licensed, state of the art, moisture blocking, drink raising, hand made, PLYWERK drink coaster!

That’s right! Now you protect your countertops with an elegant 3″ x 3″ sustainable wooden square, heck, we’ll even throw in our very own logo on top free of charge!

Order now and get… we’ll, you’ll still only get ONE drink coaster, but it will get here faster than if you order it later!

coaster_instructions_free_giftAs you can see in the diagram above, our licensed, state of the art, moisture blocking, drink raising, hand made, PLYWERK drink coaster is universal, allowing for use with hundreds of different drink containers!


Not only are we going to protect your surfaces from condensation with a fully sustainable free gift! Each drink coaster comes replete with a set of instructions and a coupon code for 20% off your next PLYWERK order!

Order today! Operators are standing by!


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While I’m sure there’s some sort of unwritten rules that exist about what beers you’re supposed to drink on St Patricks Day, that means absolutely nothing to most people who celebrate it as an excuse to get wasted. For those of you who want to enjoy the nature of the holiday without having to squeeze in-between 20 sweaty, shirtless guys, butchering a Dropkick Murphy’s song, we’ve decided to step in and make a couple of beer suggestions.

We spoke with some of our in-house talent, and they shared their thoughts and suggestions on what they feel goes into a good beer. Here’s a couple of suggestions from some of our friendly staff members who all answered a question about “what beer do they like to drink?” the same way. (“Why… do I look like an Alcoholic!?“)



Devon, Office Manager

Favorite Beer: Chimay Blue Label

Why?: “That’s my favorite beer. It was one of the first beers I’ve had where it wasn’t like… a Corona. It’s an expensive beer…. so it’s a good beer. You drink it out of these glasses that they have… they’re kind of like a wine glass almost? (Goblet?) Yeah, that’s how you drink Chimay.

It’s verrry fancy.

It’s a dark beer and it’s really strong, especially if you drink the whole bottle…. which I usually do.”



Marc, Sales Associate

Favorite Beer: Local / Euryale

Why?: “We went to 4 local craft breweries around town, for my birthday, with some friends and I. Not that this area is super well known for it’s craft breweries… but I was surprised.

It’s a passion that everyone is starting to get into now. You got these people that are like these real beer nerds, and they really get into it, they’re really into their product. Where as the other ones are trying to make a ‘really happenin’‘ place to go to. I think there’s room for both, but depending on who you’re with. I think who you drink the beer with makes it taste much better.

There’s this place, right around the corner from us, called Euryale. These guys were awesome. These were thee beer nerds I was speaking of in particular. They had this one that had notes of whiskey. Whiskey and a little fruit, it was awesome.



Andy, Art Director

Favorite Beer: Hard Root Beer – Mission Brewery

Why?: “I’d recently sworn of all alcohol… until I learned alcoholic root beer was a thing. I had to check this out. There’s a couple out there, they taste like root beer for a few seconds, followed by a swift bitter taste. Those freak me out, it tastes too good.

That’s why I like the Hard Root Beer from Mission Brewery. Right off the bat, there’s no confusion here, this IS alcohol. Sure, there’s a strong hint of root beer, but it’s also got this tangy, malt-liquor-esque taste.

I basically showed up to my local BevMo each week and tried the different hard root beers they had until I came across this one. Out of all the ones I tried. This one was the least sweetest, but it also tasted the best. I highly recommend drinking this wile eating pizza.”


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Capturing the mysterious beauty found in both natural and man-made landscapes, the first time we received Marie’s order for a custom wood print, we instantly fell in love with her photographs. This week we were excited to have the pleasure of asking Marie a few questions about her impressive skills…


PW: As a professional photographer, what was the time difference between the first time you picked up a camera until you realized it was something you could do for a living?

MAS: My family and I moved to Vermont 13 years ago, we lived there for 3 years before moving to Park City UT where it became home for us.  I fell in love with the beauty of Utah and started to take pictures, photography classes and it quickly became a passion, almost an obsession.  I love taking pictures of wildlife and landscape.  I can’t leave home without my camera.  We also have a place in San Francisco, where I love to walk everywhere and I’m discovering another passion for city pictures.


PW:  What type of content/subject matter inspires you the most when snapping photos?

MAS: My friends kept telling me how they loved my pictures, so I started to have some printed on canvas, on  sheets of metal and on wood.  I now sell more and more pictures and I’m very very proud of it.


PW: You recently ordered a custom print of a stunning photograph you captured of what appears to be a lovely (brightly colored) village. Can you give us some insight into this location and why it inspired you?

MAS: The custom print picture I ordered from Plywerk was taken in downtown Park City in Utah, during the winter season.  This small ski resort town is very important for me since it became home.  It kept its “little miner town” charm and is absolutely beautiful 4 seasons a year.


PW: As a loyal Plywerk customer who was familiar with the company before it’s transition, what about our new production process stood out the most when you first received your new print?

MAS: The result of the print on wood is absolutely beautiful, both my client and I are very happy with it.  I will of course continue to order beautiful prints from Plywerk.  Your team has been amazing and did a great job, since it was a special size of print.  The quality of the print pleased me as much as it was when I placed order before the transition.


Thank you Marie, always a pleasure.

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