Mount Your Halloween Costume Pictures on Plywerk!

This Halloween, make your memories matter by displaying your photos of yourself, your kids, and your dog in costume on our eco-conscious, custom bamboo picture frames. It’s true, Plywerk loves to dress up, and Stanley just can’t wait to see all the great costumes he gets to wear this year—or at least all the great costumes he gets to display.


Put your favorite little chicken on a Custom Print on Plywerk!

In fact, Stanley and Maggie, our two awesome do-it-yourself picture frames, are great choices for displaying Halloween pictures (and really any sort of seasonal photos). Stanley’s dark, upcycled Walnut exterior and Maggie’s lighter bamboo both look great surrounded by your other Harvest season decorations. Both Maggie and Stanley use the spooky magic of magnetism that makes changing out pictures scary simple. In fact, it’s frightening how easy they are to set up and use—so easy, Frankenstein’s monster could do it. (Okay, Frankenstein’s monster is actually a very complex character; I don’t mean to demean his intelligence, I think he simply might lack the fine motor control required to put together many traditional picture frames.)


Using Stanley or Maggie to switch out your season photos such as this one of your favorite hot dog and mermaid!

If you’re looking for a more permanent display for your Halloween costume pictures, look no further than the standard Plywerk bamboo and maple art panels. Available in a monstrously huge selection of varieties, including custom sizes, Plywerk panels look great hanging on any wall, from your living room to your office. And naturally, they are made from sustainably-sourced materials as part of our commitment to being more than just green.

So this Halloween, don’t leave the camera behind. We’ll try to not be too scared when you send us the pictures to mount!

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Plywerk Welcomes AsukaBook as Newest Propartner

Bilderberg. The Illuminati. Abstergo. All pale in comparison to the greatest society of them all: Plywerk’s Propartner program. And we’ve just inducted a new member into the order: AsukaBook. That’s right, the legendary photo book printer known to photographers worldwide is now part of our esteemed organization, and AsukaBook members can now earn bonus discounts on their Plywerk orders.


AsukaBook’s NeoClassic Album: Choose from a fully designable hard or cushioned cover, an animal friendly leather cover, or a cover in a variety of other materials.

Since coming to the USA in 2005, AsukaBook has been printing and binding photo books of impeccable quality out of Bend, Oregon. They offer a wide variety of styles, all made with the highest degree of craftsmanship, and each of which is practically guaranteed to make your coffee table look at least 107% classier. (Pro tip: Stanley will also look great on your coffee table next to an AsukaBook.) They also have a team of smiling representatives working tirelessly to ensure that their excellent products are matched by outstanding customer service. It is for this reason that we recommend AsukaBook for all your photo book printing needs—if only because printing a book on bamboo panels is a little inefficient ;-).

vista laying open showing spine

The Vista Layflat Book boasts full panoramic layflat spreads from the beginning of the book to the end, without the standard first and last page. It is available with a fully designable hard or cushioned cover.

AsukaBook is the US branch of Asukanet, a Japan-based book printer with international acclaim. Asukanet expanded to the States through photographer Kevin Kubota, taking on the name AsukaBook and turning over a new page in its story. (Pun intended. Sorry.) Kubota remains the firm’s “Idea Guy” in the US, and AsukaBook continues the legacy established by Asukanet of offering only the highest-quality printing and binding.

Our Propartner program, contrary to this article’s introduction, is not a secret society. In fact, it is simply an extension of our standard Prodeal option for professionals, students, and anyone who is actively selling or displaying their work. Those who also use the services of our Propartner companies qualify for an additional savings, starting at 15% off their Plywerk orders.

Like ourselves, AsukaBook offers a great alternative to the standard picture frame. They may be our newest Propartner, but they come with an established reputation and a portfolio of laudations from professional photographers. We are honored to count them among the elite few of our Propartner program. Commence secret handshake!

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Procrastination Prevention Promotion: Our Biggest Holiday Sale Ever!

Hey guess what? The holidays are right around the corner, and that means you’re this much closer to waiting until the last minute to buy your gifts. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a company that actually rewarded you for getting your shopping done early? And what if that company happened to be none other than the original bamboo art panel manufacturer, makers of the best eco-conscious picture frames and art mounting products around? You guessed it; we’re back with our Procrastination Prevention Promotion, and it’s the biggest picture frame sale we’ve ever done!


This year, we’re making our biggest sale of the year even bigger, with discounts up to 30% off! This is literally the biggest discount we have ever offered. Ever. But, it’s only available for a limited time, so act now to take full advantage of it! From October 27th through November 11th, save 30% on all Plywerk orders. From Nov. 12th to the 18th, the savings drop to (an admittedly still awesome) 25%, and from Nov. 19th to the 25th they drop again to 20% (which, we realize, is still great).

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Procrastination Prevention Promotion is designed to reward the savvy, proactive gift-giver. Not only will it save you money, it will also save you stress. Just imagine how free you’ll feel having all your holiday shopping done by the middle of November! Now, imagine the look of amazement on your loved ones’ faces as they open their custom, eco-friendly Plywerk gifts, and you sit back contentedly knowing that not only did you deliver the perfect gift, you also saved 20-30%.

So do yourself a favor this holiday season: shop early, shop often, and use discount code WHATADEAL for all your Plywerk purchases through November 25th. And don’t forget about our Gift Your Order service if you’d like us to pair your sustainable bamboo photo frame with equally sustainable gift wrapping, complete with a handwritten note tucked safely inside. The holidays have never been happier here at Plywerk.

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Production Assistant / Team Leader

Hey everyone,

Plywerk is looking for another fantastic person to join our growing team. Details below. Please share if you know someone who might be a good fit.

The Plywerkers


TITLE:  Production Assistant / Team Leader
REPORTS TO: Studio Manager & Woodshop Manager
COMPENSATION: $10 – 12 ph starting, DOE
BENEFITS: stock-options + health care benefits available (after introductory period)
LOCATION: Portland, OR

Plywerk specializes in the design and manufacture of handcrafted, eco-conscious photo display products from our headquarters & workshop in Portland’s inner SE industrial district.  Since our beginnings in 2007, Plywerk has been driven by the desire to create products that blend a high-design aesthetic with an ethos of sustainability – in both the environment and society at large.  Read more about us on our website.

We are looking for a qualified and committed individual to join our team as a Lead Production Assistant, who will specialize in the manufacturing of our products, order fulfillment, and shipping. Woodshop experience and the ability to work on one’s feet all day, every day with focus and energy is required.

Plywerk Woodshop

Duties will include mastering the skills & steps of all workstations in our fulfillment studio (applying adhesive, handling & mounting prints, precision trimming, product packaging, shipping, etc.) and in our woodshop (using a table saw, router, belt & disc sanders, branding irons, drill press, etc.) while conforming to established standardized procedures and maintaining efficiency, focus, and high standards of quality throughout.


This person is expected to grow into a leadership role as new production staff are added, assisting with training, coaching, and facilitating production flow as necessary.  As such, a positive, professional attitude at all times and the ability to lead a team of peers is necessary.


In addition to the requirements outlined below, and to being a cultural fit with our small and growing team, this individual should possess a keen kinesthetic & tactile awareness for working with his or her hands, and a creative conceptual ability for problem solving and process improvement.

Plywerk Office

Role Competencies

  • The ability to maintain an energetic and positive outlook towards clients and co-workers in emails, on the phone and in person, while being considerate of our product limitations and margins at all times.
  • Strong organizational skills with both digital and paper-based CRM & sales systems, and spreadsheets.
  • Kind, honest, assertive, firm and fair approach to ALL client and co-worker interactions.
  • Able to communicate concisely, effectively and efficiently.
  • Self-directed & highly organized in managing sales-leads and existing clients.
  • Quick learner who is able and willing to adapt to new processes and changes.
  • Work well with others on collaborative projects and tasks.
  • Enjoys a broad set of tasks (that may cross into other roles within the company)
  • Putting the answer to this question in the subject line of their job application: What is the tallest mountain in Oregon?

Technical Skills

  • Thorough understanding and experience in using Highrise (or similar) CRM system.
  • Thorough understanding and experience in using Basecamp (or similar) project management system.
  • Thorough understanding of printing, DPI, color.
  • Thorough understanding and experience in using Google Drive.
  • Competent using Excel, and generating reports and spreadsheets.
  • Quick learner of and efficient use of new software and/or online tools.
  • High level of computer competency (examples: typing, keyboard shortcuts, basic troubleshooting).


  • BA in Business, Marketing or Communications
  • 3+ years of experience in sales related positions
  • Recent experience in photo / gift market / ad specialties

To apply, send an introductory email to and include your resume and LinkedIn profile.




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5 Top Photographers’ Blogs

We know that sometimes our customers stare at our gorgeous bamboo or maple picture frames just wishing they had something to print. Yup, we’re pretty sure that happens. That’s why we’re here with some inspiration for you from the pros, but let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate: this list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, it’s pretty much a list of some photographers who I personally happen to admire, either for their work, their willingness to share their knowledge with the photo community, or both. So without further ado, Plywerk presents the 5 Top Photographers’ Blogs… in the world!

Chase Jarvis

Well this is a no-brainer. Seattle-based Chase Jarvis is pretty much the reason photographers started blogging, at least as far as I can tell. His blog is known not for showing off his work, but rather for offering advice and guidance to other photographers. Themes like risk and challenge are common, and he talks very openly with his audience, always offering encouraging words to help you step outside of your comfort zone. Chase is also one of the founders of CreativeLive, an amazing online learning resource for photographers of all skill levels.

Ami Vitale

In her career as a photojournalist, Ami Vitale has traveled to some 85 countries, covering war, poverty, disease, and the strength of the human spirit in overcoming these tragedies. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she is a name any aspiring photojournalist should know. Her blog covers her assignments on a personal level; the entries are short, but impactful, windows into a world few us experience or can even comprehend. She also has a great post on the Top 10 Rules of Travel Photography. Read it before your next big trip.

The Plywerk Blog

Coming in at number three on our list, it’s our own Plywerk Blog! A great resource not just on photography, but on life in general, and—oh, okay, we’re just kidding… Carry on.

David duChemin

Photographer, world explorer, writer, educator—David duChemin is a little bit of everything. He’s written several books on photography, including a must-read for any aspiring professional, Visionmongers (which, coincidentally, may be where I first heard of some of the other names on this list). He does a lot of work for NGOs abroad, and he’s not afraid to talk candidly on the difficulty of this type of work—budgets, living conditions, logistics, gear, everything. Add his blog to your bookmarks, follow him on Twitter/Facebook, and buy his books. You won’t be disappointed.

Chris + Lynn

If you’re an aspiring wedding photographer, take a deep breath, then visit the blog of husband and wife wedding team, Chirs + Lynn. Now breathe. It’s okay. Yes, they are incredibly good at what they do, and maybe your first thought is, “Holy cow I will never be that good.” Nonsense. Their blog is a collection of inspiration, use it as such. As one of the most renowned wedding photo businesses in the world, they have traveled internationally to capture the most special day of couples everywhere. Even if you are not into wedding photography, you should check out their work.

Trey RatcliffTrey Ratcliff is pretty much the Internet mascot of travel photography (I don’t know how travel became such a recurring theme in this article). Self-described as “a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys,” you can’t help but want to be his friend. His blog, Stuck in Customs, is updated on the daily, and he has a huge social media presence. He also offers a unique perspective on his process, and is a proponent of small, “mirrorless” cameras, being one of the first pros to almost completely witch from shooting DSLRs. His blog is a lot of fun, and his photographs are beautiful. The only reason he’s last on this list is because, well, it’s a list and somebody has to be last.

Alright folks, that about wraps it up. Check out these blogs. Get inspired. Send us your images. We can’t wait to see how great your pictures look on Plywerk! I left a lot of great photographers off this list, so also feel free to chime in in the comments with your own recommendations!

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