PDX Valentine Photo Contest

This February, Plywerk invites you to spread some love with our Valentine photo contest. Actually, it’s not just ours—we’re sharing the love with several other great local companies, like Lensbaby, North St. Bags, Revolution Design House, Flipside Hats, Olander Earthworks, Yedomi Jewelry, and Grovemade. Wow! competition_app2 (1)       To enter the photo contest, all you have to is post a picture that represents the theme of love to our Facebook page. If you have a great shot of a bride and groom on their wedding day, perfect! If you caught your dog and cat snuggling on the couch, that’s great! Whatever love means to you, we want to see it (but, you know, let’s keep in clean). Winners will be selected based on the amount of engagement their pictures generate, so be sure to share your photo on all your social medias using the hashtag #PDXValentineContest. Winners will receive a $70 gift card to one of the aforementioned Portland businesses! (That could mean a new eco-conscious, custom print on Plywerk, or several of our Stanley photo display stands.) newsletter The contest launches on January 26th, but we’re letting you know about it early so you have time to find or shoot that perfect photograph. We can’t wait to see all the great pictures on the Plywerk Facebook page! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Plywerkers Love Blue Moon Camera and Machine

Portland’s St. Johns district lies just minutes from the city’s metropolitan downtown, but to travel there is to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of modernity. Passing over the historic and beautiful St. Johns bridge, one gets the feeling that 4G LTE coverage may not be a priority here.

Blue Moon Portland Plywerk However, by walking through the entrance to the district’s iconic camera shop, Blue Moon Camera and Machine, one may actually be entering a time machine. Step through the door, and you will immediately be taken back to a world of mechanical film cameras, typewriters, and other 20th century oddities from a time when “planned obsolescence wasn’t a thing.” Continue reading

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How to get more views on Airbnb with Plywerk

In case you’ve been living beneath a rock, inside a cave, under the ocean for the past several years, allow me a moment to explain Airbnb: it’s a cool and friendly way to rent a room, toolshed, countertop, or pretty much any other place where someone can sleep on a temporary basis. You can find all sorts of cool places on Airbnb, from entire homes for your family vacation to a pull-out couch if you just need a place to crash for a night. Airbnb has become so popular, especially in our hometown of Portland, that we decided it was time to offer some tips on how to spruce up your rental to get more views on Airbnb. Probably.

image airbnb

Tip 1: Make it look classy. Continue reading

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Using Maggie or Stanley to Display Inspirational Quotes

As siblings, Stanley and Maggie have a lot in common, despite their differences. Both are easy, do-it-yourself solutions for displaying photographs and print media. One of the more unique uses is to have them display an inspirational quote. Depending on the quote, Main Page Manbifesto C Maggie or Stanley may be better suited for it. For those quotes that encourage you to get-up-and-go, Maggie’s light-colored bamboo plywood looks beautiful in morning sunlight, perhaps on the kitchen counter or breakfast table. Continue reading

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Plywerkers Love SCRAP PDX

You know what’s cool? The planet. You know what else is cool? Making stuff with your hands. You probably already know about our commitment to being more than just green, and about how we make all of our bamboo, maple, and walnut photo display products by hand in our SE Portland workshop. We do everything we can to recycle our materials and keep waste to a minimum, and that’s why we couldn’t be more thankful for SCRAP PDX.

scrap logo

SCRAP is a creative reuse store in NE Portland that takes in donations of useable materials that may no longer have a functioning purpose for the business or individual who produced them. The process of reusing discarded byproducts is also known as upcycling, which is exactly how we get the western walnut wood used to make Stanley. Continue reading

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