So as we’ve waxed poetically a couple of blog posts ago, PLYWERK has a brand-spanking-new printing process! What you might not now is that we still offer our Blank PLYWERK canvases. Wait… what?


Blank PLYWERK Canvases: The “Pet Rock” of photo mounting.

Who’d want or need a blank hunk of (ply)wood (or bamboo)? I’ll tell you who: anyone with an imagination! Some people might ask what makes these blank panels so special? Not you though. Where some might see a blank canvas, you see an endless cavalcade of possibilities! An entire world to be woven into existence! A… uh… third and equally inspirational metaphor that would impress someone painfully uncreative as myself.

blank_wood_photo_mounting_canvasI still see a blank piece of wood. I also listen to Top 40 music and watch reality television. :(

Even better than a blank canvas is one with an adhesive mounting option. So even if you can’t draw, paint, or use a glue gun, you can still create a your own PLYWERK print! Now you can mount your favorite image onto a PLYWERK panel. Better yet, if you’re SUPER creative, you can make a collage of all of your favorite images before mounting it to one of our blank canvases!

blank_wood_photo_mounting_canvasPICTURED ABOVE: A collage of my friends.

Wether you got a $200 set of paints and brushes or an exacto knife and a shoebox full of old photographs, a blank PLYWERK canvas is perfect for you, and if you don’t, you can still get it for someone who does! I mean, if they were really creative, then they would be able to appreciate the thought process that went into them getting a blank piece of wood as a present. Right?

All in all, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate a blank PLYWERK canvas, just as long as it inspires you!


I was inspired to mount a photograph of a blank PLYWERK canvas onto to a blank PLYWERK canvas. Talk about Postmodernism.

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Super Cool Cyndy!

January was an insane month for us! We went up to Portland, stormed the old PLYWERK building, and hung out with all the awesome people inside to get ready for our big move down to So Cal!

We liked everyone so much, we even brought few of them back. Like Super Cool Cyndy! That’s her new nickname. I just made up right now since she was nice enough to do an interview (which means one less blog post that I have to write on my own). Well… that, and she actually is SUPER COOL!

After helping us get settled in our new location, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Cyndy and pick her brain about the transition…


PWWhat was the main reason you for your recent travel to California? Was this your first time visiting?

CYNDY: Derric and Erin (the owners of Prints on Wood) invited me to work with their staff in Riverside to remodel their woodshop and develop lean manufacturing techniques for PLYWERK photo products and Prints on Wood.

I had spent time in California before visiting aunts, uncles and cousins. When I was 8, I remember not wanting to leave California at the end of our family vacation. My parents pretended (for like a minute) to drive away without me. Even though I did leave that time, I remained convinced I’d eventually move to Oakland or Berkeley. But then Portland and I met, and now we’re together forever.

lean_manufacturing_process_direct print

PWAfter spending a few weeks working with our team, what would you say is the biggest difference about PLYWERK and Prints On Wood?

CYNDY: PLYWERK bamboo photo products carry a substance and lushness that contrasts with the lighter aesthetic of Prints on Wood. It’s like comparing a eco-conscious chocolate cupcake to an organic lemon bar.


PWNow that you’ve worked alongside the new PLYWERK team at it’s new home, how do you feel about the transition/change in ownership?

CYNDY: Closing PLYWERK’s Portland HQ is a very real bummer for our community, but being part of the transition team conveying the essence of PLYWERK photo products, manufacturing practices, and handmade quality to the capable folks at Prints on Wood has helped me prepare for my next phase. I’m impressed by the skill and dedication of the Prints on Wood crew and trust them to sustain the PLYWERK vision, turning digital images into tangible, beautiful, lovable real things. I hope the “more than green” goals we had for PLYWERK inspire employees and customers of Prints on Wood to keep the environment in mind in the everyday choices all of us make at work, at home and in the marketplace.


Thanks Cyndy, we’ll miss you!

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Men At (Ply)Werk

That catchy title is a tad misleading, it should read Men AND Woman at (Ply)Werk since Cyndy was here. Where? For the millionth time, Plywerk has migrated to Southern California. Don’t worry though, it made the trip with it’s heart and soul intact.

We even had help from some of the Plywerk OG’s in getting settled. Cyndy, JJ, and Kjell came by to help us get lean and mean. Well, just lean. The only time people get mean around here is when a cluster of blogs get posted late Friday night. It’s ok, they don’t beat me too hard and I deserve it.

But back to lean. What’s that you might ask? It’s just like it sounds. Trimming the fat in the workplace so the day-to-day runs smoothly. In this case it means re-organizing our warehouse woodworking corner. In the past it looked like a Double Dare obstacle course, now it’s more like a Physical Challenge. We’re not at a 100% yet, but things are definitely coming together nicely, have a look.

01_wes_cornerThat’s no ordinary hunk of wood, that’s Wes. He works here.

02_jj_&_k“Pull my finger.”

03_derric_1 04_derric_2 05_derric_3Boss-man being a BOSS.

06_chris_jj“I swear, you’ve got the most BEAUTIFUL eyes.”

07_jj_cutJJ, hard at work.

08_chris_mouthChris, hardly working.


Cyndy PlyWERKIN’ it! Hahaha… oh god, I’m sorry.

12_joey_wood_2“Goggles? Psh, I got glasses!”

11_joey_wood_1“Wait… ow! Damnit, maybe I can blink it out”

13_dashDon’t worry, he didn’t cut himself… THAT bad.


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You want some pizza? Order one online and have it delivered! You want to watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to catch up on? Marathon that mother on your iPhone! Want a burst of glitter to explode in the face of that guy at work who keeps stealing your jokes? Go on the internet and have a glitter bomb mailed to his mom’s basement!

Checking the MailboxHoney, looks like you got a package from… Yoo Sahk?

It’s the year 2000 and just like all the great minds of yesteryear predicted, you can perform important daily tasks without having to put on pants and leave the house. I mean, you could leave the house without pants, but then it opens a legal can of worms that starts with getting thrown in jail and ends with writing blogs for a living.

plywerk_blogger_blogging_about_a_blogHmm, what rhymes with “Plywerk”?

What am I getting at? I don’t know, but you can order a Plywerk print straight from your Instagram profile! After sensible chuckle over recollecting the clever title of this blog post, check out Plywerk’s custom print page and click on shop now…


… after choosing what type of Plywerk panel you’d like your picture printed on, it’s time to choose your image. While this post is more focused on printing an image from your Instagram account, you also have the ability to select images on your computer/device as well as from your Facebook account. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clever enough to think of a title that would encompass all three. :(


After selecting the Instagram option, you will be prompted to log on to your Instagram account. Don’t worry, we won’t be able to mess with your account. Unless you’re a fitness model. Then I’m logging on and deleting all those stupid pictures of you posing with whatever detox tea you’re peddling.

Female model in lingerie with her coffee mug by the windowThe chances of this woman actually drinking anything in this picture is equal to/greater than to the probability of her finding me atttractive.

After logging into your Instagram account, you can select any image you’ve posted to turn into a beautiful Plywerk, and viola! It’s that easy.


Now you can decorate your home in memories! Commemorate that amazing vacation you took, immortalize your child’s formative years, print whatever you want. Just don’t order any pictures of food, unless you want everyone who visits your house to think you’re just as pretentious in person as you are online.

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When Prints On Wood recently acquired Plywerk and traveled up to Portland at the start of 2016, they asked the most talented, professional, and experienced Film Director they could think of to travel with them and document the experience. He said “No“, so they were forced to bring along their (self-proclaimed) Art Director, Andy, instead.

Fueled by cheap beer and gourmet coffee, what started off as a genuine effort to capture the transition between both companies, quickly spiraled out of control into a nonsensical cringefest littered with sardonic pop-culture references.

Armed with limited knowledge of the area gleamed from television, all the camera equipment he could borrow, and a total disregard for the privacy of those around him, Andy traversed the daffy depths of this wonderful city in search of donuts, knick-knacks, and whatever footage he could slap together to fob off as “work“.

Was Andy able to effectively present the footage he shot into a strong piece of marketing collateral? Probably not… but he did meet some awesome people along the way! ;)

Stay tuned for Part 3: Andy Cries Himself to Sleep After Watching Part 2.

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