3 Memorable Photo Gifts for your Graduate

With graduation season coming up right around the corner the most important question in mind currently is surely, “What do I get my graduate for graduation?!”. It’s definitely tough thinking of unique gift ideas for your graduates. It’s a special occasion that doesn’t happen all the time and you want your gift to be practical, useful, and memorable. You don’t want to just hand them an album full of photos that will probably end up collecting dust. Plywerk offers many different options for you to display photos for your graduate. Here are 3 photo gift options that your graduate will not forget about any time soon!

  1. Desktop Blocks

Where does your graduate spend most of their time? In front of their desktop! These desktop blocks personalized with their photos are a perfect break for their eyes after being glued to their screens. It hold the same precious memories and serves as stylish desk decor!

  1. Ornaments

Who said ornaments are only hung on Christmas trees?! Try hanging them on doorknobs or even on a pin on the wall! They make a real special gift after being customized. It’s something small but makes for a great decor piece.

  1. Wood Print

Will your graduate be moving into a new space after graduation? Help them fill out their wall space with a wood print! We offer many different sizes that you could print photos onto! You would be creating a unique piece that your graduate would be able to cherish forever. You could even fit more than one photo with our collage wood print!

Hope this post helped find the perfect custom graduation gift for your graduate! Regardless of your choice you will be providing your graduate with a memorable gift that they will be able to use in various different ways. They will love it!

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