4 Reasons to Put Your Grad Photos on Plywerk

Spring has sprung! And grads are springing out of the classroom and into the world. Whether your grads are leaving behind high school, college, or obedience school, you're sure to have tons of great pictures you want to pass on to friends and family in a unique, eco-friendly way. This is where we suggest Plywerk, and list our reasons!

Jennifer Hee Plywerk makes a great present for grads to remember their favorite things back home! Thanks to Jennifer Hee for this great photo :)

1. Dorm Friendly

Have you ever held a Plywerk? If you have, you know that besides sporting a smooth sanded finish, those little guys are pretty tough. If you pass a mounted Plywerk on to your grad to live in their dorm and remind them to call you once in a while, you can be sure it will survive party after par - uh, I mean late-night study session after late-night study session.

2. Stylin'

Kids these days are pretty concerned with fashion and appearances, completely unlike the generations of young people who have gone before them. I know my mother feels like she has a hard time pinning down my style, and if you sympathize with her, Plywerk would be a great gift idea for your grad. The edge-to-edge mounting ensures that a Plywerk will visually mesh with any home or dorm decor and look just as cool as any Rolling Stones or Dave Matthews Band poster.

3. Quality!

If yours is a college grad, they may still be living that low budget college life, sustaining themselves on top ramen and stealing toilet paper from work. They could probably use some nice things to help them feel a little more refined. Plywerk is a quality product with the added bonus of being attractive! More useful than a Faberge egg, and more practical than a 1969 Mustang, Plywerk adds a little class to whatever environment it's in.

4. Sharin' the Love

Grads leaving home for the first time could find themselves missin' the old family life from time to time, yearning for a little piece of home. I certainly did, and I didn't even leave the state! When you can't invite them over for free laundry and a home-cooked meal, they can gaze at a Plywerk you so lovingly purchased for them sporting a photo of a family pet, or their favorite vacation memory, or the awesome home office you made out of their old room. They're sure to thank you for it.

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