5 Cities That Pop on Plywerk

Here in Plywerk's home base of Portland, OR, we like to imagine that we live in the prettiest, most magical city that ever did spring forth from the wilderness. Boasting entire neighborhoods of romantic, earth-toned Victorian houses cuddled onto shady lanes; literal miles of coffee shops and Thai restaurants with punny names, and nary an unclogged gutter as far as the eye can see. The bamboo we craft our art panels from may not come from the bamboo grove in the Hoyt Arboretum, but we feel like Plywerk is a thoroughly Portland product and our city looks damn good on it.

Home court advantage aside, here are 5 other cities that look amazing in photos mounted on bamboo! Flip through your vacation photos and see if you have any matches.

1. Portland, OR

Saint CupcakeSaint Cupcake located in Portland, OR

Okay, just one more shot of the greatest city in the world. Moving on.

2. Seattle, WA

Our big sister to the North, we see a lot of Seattle in the Plywerk studio. Our eco-conscious art panels are the perfect fit for your shots of Pike Place Market, and the range of dimensions ensures you'll fit in every inch of the Space Needle.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Image by Photosbykim.com

Our awesome CEO, Kjell van Zoen, suggested including the capital of his ancestral homeland and since Portlanders and Amsterdam...ers alike are a bunch of sandal-wearing, bike-riding tofu-eaters, it seemed like a perfect fit! Don't worry, Portland, it was all in Kjell's past. You're the only place for him, now, honestly.

4. Black Rock City, NV

Black-Rock-City-NV-ResizedSatellite image by GeoEye.

Another perfect fit for Plywerk's hand-crafted bamboo and maple art panels! A massively proportioned week-long festival of art and music in which many hundreds of wooden things are burned to symbolize... Wait.

5. Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

At roughly the size of San Francisco and spanning three separate zip codes, Walt Disney World may not technically be a city but it does generate more incredible vacation photos for mounting on our bamboo than the last four combined. And you... probably should not quote me on that, I don't have numbers.

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