Luke Chueh White Bear Ornament

Not only are we offering Jeff Soto ornaments, but we also have an adorable fine art print of Luke Chueh's White Bear! Who is Luke Chueh you might ask? Well, Chueh was born in Philadelphia and raised in Fresno. He studied at Cal Poly Pomona where he studied and earned a B.S. in Art and Design.


Later on in life, Chueh found the Los Angeles scene and created a name for himself in Los Angeles art events. Chueh claims to use "cute with brute" as a form of creating his simple yet great animal characters. This ornament is perfect for any art lover or polar bear lovers! lc-ornament

For more information on our trinkets, check out our trinkets page! We currently have only this Chueh fine art print ornament, however you can also find other fine art prints from Soto on our page, not only did we use his holiday prints, but monthly flower ornaments as well. Check them out!

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