Maggie - a fitting name for our special bamboo photo frame featuring magnets, only offered here at Plywerk!

Maggie is a beautiful bamboo photo frame that uses magnets and ball-bearings to hold all of your photos (and cherished memories).

Maggie is one of the best products that we have to offer, and we'll tell you why!

For one, it is extremely versatile. Maggie is easy to hang anywhere and everywhere. You can place it on your desk or hang it on your wall. Plus, Maggie has special features* that allow you to switch out your photos and images at any time!

*Maggie's special features include: crazy-strong magnets made of neodymium. Neodymium is known as some of the best and most rare earth magnets. These magnets are embedded in the panel and work with stainless-steel bearings that anchor your photos in place.

To use, simply move the magnets aside and place your photo right in the middle of the frame. Place the magnets back in their original location and voila! You can now display your beautiful images whenever and wherever you'd like.

Maggie is also available in many different sizes, which makes it the perfect decorative piece for various locations. A smaller Maggie can fit in smaller locations, while a bigger Maggie (also known as Margaret) is perfect for displaying bigger photos.

(the frame pictured above is the Margaret)

Maggie bamboo frame makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone that enjoy taking and displaying photos, so take the leap and purchase it today!

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