Art for Animals—Plywerkin’ for a Good Cause

We serve all kinds of artists, designers, and photographers here at Plywerk, all the way from the casual Instagramer to the most adept professional. But nothing warms our collective heart quite like seeing our art-mounting panels going to a good cause (especially when there are cute animals involved!). One of our customers, Lili Chin, just let us know that she ordered Plywerk custom prints of two illustrations for a benefit auction for Wonderland Art For Animals.


Fittingly, both pieces feature the artist’s dog, Boogie, on various adventures: exploring the cosmos in one and traversing the South Pacific via raft in the other. The imagination and artistry alone would be enough for us, but the fact that these illustrations are being generously donated to a good cause is just wonderful.


If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you can check out the show for yourself through August 23. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Los Angeles’ North Central shelter’s spay/neuter trust fund and “star program.” Last year, the event raised over $4500 for local rescue dogs and included over 100 pieces of art. From the organizers:

Wonderland Art for Animals is a “cash and carry” art show with all pieces priced at $100 and lower. The group exhibition will open with a reception at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock on Saturday, July 18 (6-10pm). The exhibition will run through August 23.

For those of us not in the LA area, a preview of some of the artwork is available online here. Definitely a lot of fun stuff! So a huge thank you to Lili for selecting Plywerk as the medium of choice to show off your work for this great auction!

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