Babies & Plywerk

Sometimes, if not most of the time, a great gift for the holidays is the announcement of a baby! With a child on the way, not only are you going to want to break the news over the holiday, but what better way to do it then with Plywerk custom wood print.  A custom DIY baby announcement is creative and fun way to spread the great news! We don't only do baby announcements however, but we are open to all sorts of designs and ideas to one up other baby announcements!


A fun way to announce your baby is such in the style as the image above. Using an 8x10 custom birchwood print or custom bamboo wood print, you can upload your jpeg and make this announcement a fun surprise, not to mention a great piece of custom home decor with a beautiful reminder of the extension of your family.


This wonderful baby announcement can also be accompanied with some of our custom photo mounted trinkets! Use custom desktop blocks or customize-able magnets to announce the arrival of your baby. The blocks and magnets are a perfect match with an 8x10 photo mounted bamboo wood print, unless you want to mix & match then that also is a great way to show off the arrival of your baby. Order yours today!

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