Plywerk Picks Portland's Best Art Galleries

There are tons of places to find art in Portland. Sometimes you have to run inside and shut the blinds and hide under a blanket just to get away from all the art. But we don’t do that very often. We like art. We make art. At Plywerk, you can upload your photos and we’ll turn it into some hangable art. And if you want to see other people’s art, we’ve got galleries galore. Here are some of the best art galleries in Portland.

_E0A4139 Ampersand Gallery and Fine Books is one of our favorite galleries in Portland!
Photo credit: Ampersand Gallery and Fine Books

Ampersand Gallery and Fine Books presents monthly exhibitions of contemporary artwork alongside a curated selection of found photography, printed ephemera, and other works on paper by unknown and outsider artists. Ampersand is committed to the cause of cultural preservation. Their collection of books includes new and rare titles, with an emphasis on art, design and photography. Go there and be inspired.

Gallery 903 is Portland’s museum of galleries. They showcase a nice variety of contemporary painting, sculpture, and photography by established and emerging artists. It’s a fine place to stroll about and pick out pieces for your soon-to-be-acquired castle.

Cannibals is the definition of a funky gallery. At Cannibals everything in the store is made by local Portland artists that live "less than a gas tank away." Also, all the art is made from recycled and reclaimed materials, and all of the pieces on display are shown within a year of their creation. It doesn’t get much funkier than that.

feritkuyasbsgallery-630x504 Blue Sky Gallery is a gorgeous space for showing art. Photo credit: Blue Sky Gallery

Blue Sky Gallery is a nonprofit and largely volunteer-run gallery. In addition to presenting up to 30 exhibitions annually, Blue Sky also provides an array of wonderful services to the community. Blue Sky maintains a public research library and hosts regular artist talks and programs, which are free to the public.

Bullseye Gallery works with a select group of international artists in the field of kilnformed glass with the aim of furthering exceptional design through innovation in material and method. The gallery is part of Bullseye Glass Company, a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture. Many Portlanders would like to go on a shopping spree here upon winning a lottery or receiving a surprise inheritance from a distant but wealthy relative.

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