Plywerk Picks the Best Hikes in Portland Area

Folks in Portland, Oregon can’t resist a good hike. We’ve all got our favorites, so today we’re going to share some of ours. We present to you a Plywerk guide to the best hikes in Portland, Oregon. (Or around Portland, Oregon.) So take a hike. And when you take that hike, also take some pictures. Make that view at the summit all worthwhile. And later, you can order a print on Plywerk to prove what you did!

Angels Rest is your standard uphill climb with a very worthwhile scene at the top. And you know when you reach the top because it’s a truly breathtaking view of the Columbia River Gorge. Bring a lunch or a snack because you’ll want to relax and take in that view before you go back down again.

P1010086 Triples Falls Hike has spectacular scenery and is only a short drive from Portland.
Image by Nichole Alhadeff

Triple Falls is a lot of bang for your hiking buck. This trail is just over 4 miles, but delivers not one, not two, but three magnificent waterfalls. (The name probably gave it away.) This sort of scenery is what being in the Pacific Northwest is all about.

PC270010 Tamanawas Falls is beautiful in the summer but far less crowded and just as picturesque in the winter.
Image by Nichole Alhadeff

Tamanawas Falls on Mt. Hood is a very popular hike for good reason. Located near the eastern base of Mt. Hood, it’s a pretty easy hike leading to a great broad waterfall, complete with a dry cave. This scenic path along Cold Spring Creek is also good for families.

Saddle Mountain is a five-mile round-trip hiking trail on the Oregon Coast that offers plenty of dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean. And the payoff is big. On a very clear day you might also get views of Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Astoria Oregon, and maybe even the Olympic mountain range in northwest Washington.

Pittock Mansion Hike is a great hike for you homebodies. It’s one that you can do without even leaving the city. Enjoy the creek, the lush forest, and when you arrive at the destination, a historic Victorian mansion. It’s one of the best views in the city, overlooking all of Portland, and depending on the weather, a spectacular showcase of Mt. Hood.

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