PLYWERK prints feature a standard edge, which is your typical 90 degree right angle, which looks great when paired with photographs. Sometimes though, you might have a something a little more special than a typical photograph you'd like us to print or mount to a handmade wooden PLYWERK panel. Something that needs a little.... added emphasis. That's when PLYWERK busts out our secret weapon against monotony with a Beveled Edge.



For the uninitiated, a Beveled edge is when we fashion a 45 degree angle running along all four sides of any 11 x 17 or smaller PLYWERK custom wood print. A wood print with a beveled edge adds and extra level of dimension, which makes it feel like your photo is popping-out at you.


Mounted materials work amazingly well with this unique finish. Diplomas, Certificates, and Wedding Invitations look beautiful when mounted onto a blank wooden adhesive PLYWERK panel. That's not to say printed imagery doesn't look just as stunning, as beveled edge prints make for beautiful awards.


For more information, visit our Beveled Edge page and start building your own custom wood print!

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