Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Picture Frame Sale Competition

At Plywerk, we don’t just make the world’s best bamboo custom picture frames. We also run a highly-advanced economics research lab where we seek to answer the biggest questions in consumer shopping trends. Take, for example, Black Friday. Long considered to be (somewhat falsely) the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday receives a lot of hype; but now there’s a young contender stepping up to the plate to challenge its dominance: Cyber Monday. Considering the fact that we’re e-commerce enabled and have no real need of throngs of savage customers charging through our doors at 12:00 AM the day after Thanksgiving, we thought it would be fun to run a little competition between the two greatest shopping days of the year.


Here’s the deal: whether you shop Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the regular ol’ Saturday and Sunday in between, we’re giving you 17% off your Plywerk order with coupon code PLYGIFTS. This is a purchase you can make from the comfort of your armchair, clad in oversized sweatpants, leftover apple pie in hand, any time from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Hold up, there must be a catch! Well, there is (not really): by placing your order with the PLYGIFTS coupon code during this period, you are aiding our consumer research efforts and helping us determine which shopping “holiday” is the best. Submit your order on Friday or Saturday to cast your vote for Black Friday. Order on Sunday or Monday, and we’ll chalk up a point for Cyber Monday. Got it?

So in review: order your Plywerk photo gifts any time from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to save 17%, and cast your vote for the best shopping day of the year. Your work is invaluable to our research, which will undoubtedly influence the creation of future photo display products. Or something.

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