Blank Wood Panels: What To Do With Them?

If you know anything about Plywerk, you would know that we offer custom wood prints in birch or bamboo. But did you know that we also sell blank birch and bamboo wood panels? You might be confused. Why would anyone want a blank wood panel right? Wrong! You would be surprised at all the things you could do with a beautiful wood panel. I’ll share with you three different things you could do to start you off!

1. Create Your Own Art Piece
I’m sure many of you are amazing artists! Painting on canvases is nice, but hanging a canvas can get tricky. Our blank panels come with one or two keyhole slots (up to you) on the back to make hanging a breeze. They also could be portrait or landscape orientation (also up to you). It’s an extremely simple way to create your own art piece. All you have to do is paint your piece!  It will make for great home decor or a meaningful gift for someone.

2. DIY Photo Transfer
If you are often on Pinterest you definitely know about DIY photo transfers! It’s been a huge trend to take a photo and transfer it onto wood yourself. It’s a lot of fun and a great project to do with family. Our wood panels are a great option for this project because our wood panels are made with sustainably sourced bamboo and birch and they go through several rounds of hand-sanding provide a glass-like finish. They are also all handcrafted in our California workshop with 100% solar power. And don’t forget about the keyhole slots that will make hanging up your project a total breeze! If you haven’t heard about DIY photo transfers, check out some tutorials on Pinterest!

3. Quote Inspiration
Everyone has a certain quote that is near and dear to them. It could be a quote from a famous philosopher or even just a quote from your mom. Take your favorite quote and display it to the world! With one of our wood panels, you have so many options on how to display your quote. You can photo transfer, paint on your quote, etc!

And there you go! But the things you could do with our blank wood panels definitely don't stop with those three options, the options are endless. Don’t forget that we offer a huge variety of sizes so you can find the perfect size for your project. What would you do with a blank wood panel?

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