Chris Burkard in the Art Store

Plywerk is changing. Now before you react, don’t worry. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Sometimes change is good. And this is one of those good changes. We’re referring to the recent opening of the Plywerk Art Store. If you haven’t already checked it out, the Art Store is a curated gallery of photos mounted on wood Plywerk panels, just waiting to be purchased by you fine people with impeccable taste. It’s all still very new and exciting. We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnered with some of the finest artists and photographers in the country. So share our excitement and have a look today!

001227_BURKARD_20350 This gorgeous image by Chris Burkard can be yours! Just follow through
to the Plywerk Art Store to purchase.

The newest photographer to join the Plywerk Art Store is Chris Burkard. In the world of outdoor photography, Chris is a king among men. He’s an accomplished young photographer, but don’t hold his youth against him. Hailing from the Central Coast of California, it’s no surprise that the ocean inspires much of his work. He specializes in surfing photography, but he’s also got an impressive portfolio of all sorts of landscape and travel. You might call his work unreal, but he assures us that it is all quite real.

110713_BURKARD_14197 "Tahitian Dream" by Chris Burkard looks amazing on Plywerk and can be purchased in our Art Store.

If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, like Chris Burkard, you’ll love his stuff. And if you’re not, there’s still a good chance that you’ll love his stuff. He captures amazing scenes from all over the world. It will probably inspire you to all sorts of greatness. It’s that powerful.

Every print in the Plywerk Art Store is made by hand in Portland, Oregon using the very best materials we can find. We love to turn your photos into art, but we’re also happy to play matchmaker between customers and these incredible artists. We love working with such talented photographers, and nothing makes us happier than bringing good people and good art together.

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