Cookie Season

In a clear attempt of justify the eating an entire box of cookies alone on Valentine's Day in the least depressing way possible, PLYWERK invited over our friendly neighborhood Girl Scout, Stella, to help redefine the term "easy money" by selling a bunch of hot and sweaty wood workers boxes of minty chocolatey goodness.


While the act of eating cookies requires no effort at all, the act of selling cookies is a different matter entirely. Quite possibly the smartest fundraising tactic ever, the sale of Girl Scout cookies teaches young ladies across this great nation the virtues of courage, confidence, and character. It encourages those participating the importance of staying active, while helping them better understand the importance of money management from an early age.


So while $5 might seem a little steep for some people, you're buying something a lot more important than a box of cookies. Think of it more as an investment in the growth and opportunity for amazing young women everywhere. Plus, your stomach will thank you. ;)

For more information on where you can buy Girl Scout Cookies in local area, please visit the

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