Custom Print on Plywerk for Corporate Artwork

When a page torn out of a motivational calendar just won’t cut it, look to gorgeous Plywerk bamboo and maple art panels to decorate your waiting room, office, corporate headquarters, employee kitchen, teacher’s lounge, warehouse, or, well, pretty much anything! Plywerk’s high-quality, eco-conscious plywood panels look beautiful in any business setting, and can display any custom photos or corporate artwork that you desire. Choose from a variety of finishes and sizes, including humongous split-panel displays!


 Custom Prints on Plywerk are great for everything from retail displays and signage to employee recognition and awards. Along with our do-it-yourself picture frames and stands, they’re also perfect for displaying motivational quotes (in a way that will look much better than ripping a page from a calendar). Plywerk panels also make a fantastic medium to show off your employees’ beaming faces in their corporate headshots, which undoubtedly will make them smile even more!

KOIN 6 Plywerk 2

Still not convinced that Plywerk is the right solution for your decorating the walls of your business? Well just think of the effect it will have on your bottom line: Plywerk is proven to make any work setting look better, which is proven to positively impact the performance of employees and the happiness of customers, which is then proven to make you more money. Furthermore, by putting Plywerk on your walls, you’re sharing in our commitment to being more than just green. Plywerk isn’t just about hanging pretty pictures, it’s about an investment in your company, your customers, and the environment. And that’s quite a lot for just hanging a picture on the wall.

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