Explore Portland at Sunday Parkways

Each summer over a series of Sundays, a different Portland neighborhood closes down a section of streets, leaving them open only to bike and foot traffic. It’s called Portland Sunday Parkways, and it’s a fantastic to way to spend time with the community, explore a new area, get some exercise, listen to live music, and eat some tasty food along the way.

9386823951_d3a3795bc7_k Sunday Parkways is a fun activity for the whole family! Photo credit: Beth H.

We’re big supporters of shutting down the streets to auto traffic for just about any reason—in fact, we’d probably do it every day, if we could. Even without closing the streets, Plywerkers have already commuted over 12,800 miles by bike! It’s all part of our more than just green initiative, which of course also extends to our photo display products that are produced from sustainable bamboo and other materials.

Portland Sunday Parkways isn’t just about promoting human-powered, green transportation, though. It’s also about connecting as a community, and that’s another aspect of life here at Plywerk that is incredibly important to us. Portland has been a great home to us for many years now, and we like to support it in return. We sponsor local community events and contract with local businesses for everything from photo printing to finding a use for our scrap materials.

So if you’re interested in burning a few calories with the Portland community (and then promptly replacing them by eating some fantastic street food) then head on over the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Sunday Parkways website for a list of upcoming events. We’ll see you there!

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