Family Friendly Bike Paths in Portland

Do you live in Portland? Do you ride a bike? Of course you do! Well, you may not live in Portland. And if you don’t, we’re sorry to hear that. But if you do, you probably have a bike, because Portland is one of the most lovably bikeable cities in the country.

8x8-bamboo We've got lots of great ideas for family bike rides if you live in the Portland area or are just visiting!

But you might think twice about your ride if you’re biking with a little one. Your normal bike route can seem less than welcoming when you’re worrying about your extremely precious cargo. It doesn’t have to be stressful. Avoid the busy city streets and enjoy your ride with some of these family friendly bike paths in Portland:

The Springwater Corridor is a popular path in Southeast Portland. The 21 mile stretch is well-traveled, for good reason. Kids will enjoy crossing bridges and ponds, and there are plenty of places to stop along the way. With many entry points, it’s easy to break up the trail.

The Banks Vernonia Trail is a scenic multi-use path perfect for a day of family fun. This one-time railroad line is now a splendid trail for all your hiking, biking, and horseback riding needs.

Marine Drive Path is an urban trail with views of the river. tt might also be a good chance to spot some wildlife along the way. Proximity to the airport is a plus if your young ones enjoy pointing to airplanes. And who doesn’t?

The I-205 path is a smooth ride that runs along, (you guessed it), Interstate 205. You’ll cover ground between Vancouver, Washington, and Oregon City.

The Eastbank Esplanade is a flat, easy ride for bikers of all ages. It can be pretty busy on those sunny Portland summer days. And depending on your level of energy and/or enjoyment, it’s easy to extend the trip. Pedal over the Hawthorne or Steel Bridge and make it a longer loop.

Happy trails! And don’t forget to snap a few shots of baby’s first bike ride. It’s a day you’ll want to remember with a Print on Plywerk.

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