Four Reasons Plywerk Makes the Best Father's Day Gift

Plywerk is the perfect gift for Father's Day. Why, you ask? Besides being 20% off through May 30th, here are 4 reasons:

1) Your pictures can be special again.

Back when cameras needed film that required money and had to be developed, all the photos that actually came out looking right were valuable enough to be framed, or at least filed away neatly in albums. These days, pictures shared only by computer are so ubiquitous that they have lost some of their sense of importance. Your dad appreciates all those updates in email attachments and on Facebook/Instagram, but your cherished moments deserve to stand out from the constant stream of documentation that we now provide for our entire lives. The truly meaningful pictures – the ones that capture the personalities and accomplishments of the people in them in addition to their new haircuts – are worth displaying in person. You're probably getting a bit old for those gold-spray-painted macaroni-lined frames, so this Father's Day let Plywerk help you raise the pictures Dad will love up out of the noise of everyday life and into the realm of treasured memories.

bamboo art panel

2) Plywerk makes high quality photo displays.

Plywerk photo mounts are classy. Artists use this stuff in galleries. Nothing says, 'yes, my kid adores me and also has taste' quite like hand-made bamboo or maple Plywerk hanging on the wall of Dad's home or office. The absence of a framed border makes the pictures feel open and unconstrained, and the photographs are undistorted by glass or its accompanying glare. While Plywerk do an admirable job of keeping the focus of the viewer on the picture, the panels themselves are finely crafted from lovely material, so Dad will know you gave him only the best.

bamboo artwork beach

3) Plywerk is eco-conscious.

Did your dad constantly tell you to turn off the lights when you weren't in the room and to finish all your food? Show him you learned not to be wasteful by giving him a gift created from sustainable materials using environmentally responsible practices. That, or laugh together about getting a bunch of organic-food-munching bike-riding Portlanders to do some real work!

4) Plywerk are on sale!

bamboo fathers day gift

Demonstrate how savvy you are with your money by saving 20% off the standard Plywerk prices. Okay, it would be weird to tell him the amount you spent on the gift. Isn't that unspoken understanding the way of dads, though? You don't have to talk about specific instances where the life lessons he's taught you have come to your aid; he just sees you living your life well and he knows. You show him your appreciation for his encouragement and support with your competence, and he lets you know he understands with a slight smile and an approving nod that you should continue. Or... or is that just the dynamic my dad and I have? Anyway, remember to save 20% with our Father's Day sale!

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