Free Images From the Library of Congress

Alright guys, today we’re going to get a little crazy. Hold onto your hats because we’re going to tell you about the super rad things you can do with the help of the Library of Congress. Wait! DO NOT STOP READING. Really, there is something pretty cool that you should know about the Library of Congress and not everyone is aware of it. And that’s how you know it’s cool.

3b48748u You can find all sorts of fun images on the Library of Congress website!

The Library of Congress happens to have one of the largest photography collections in the United States. Some of the images are available online and they’re pretty much yours for the taking. Or using, rather. So, that’s good news for folks who want to create their own photo art, but don’t TECHNICALLY own a camera. So get on board with the Library of Congress free images.

3g04243u There is something for everyone in the image catalog on the Library of Congress website - for free!

In short, if there’s something that you’d like a photograph of, the Library of Congress probably has it. They even have a Flickr page now. And while they’re a little hazy about who can give you permission to use an image for a reproduction, it seems like they're giving you a little wink. Like, “Listen, we’re not one to give you PERMISSION to use this picture, but if you want to use the picture, we’re just going to put it on Flickr, look the other way, and if you want to use it, that's up to you.”

Geiranger Fjord_Norway The Geiranger Fjord in Norway can live on a Plywerk on your wall right now thanks to the Library of Congress.

So check it out, y’all. Don’t let all these images go to waste. If you want a picture of Norwegian fjord and you’ve never been to Norway, don’t let that stop you from creating your very own wood-mounted print of a fjord. The library is your oyster. Hop to it. And we’ll help you out. All you need to do is download, upload, and we’ll do the rest. And you’ve got your fjord art.

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