Gift the Anniversary Gift of Plywerk! Why Your Spouse Will Absolutely Love It

How can you show your partner that you love them at least as much as you did on the day you tied the knot? We humbly suggest Plywerk art panels displaying some of the beautiful moments from your married life, from the wedding day itself, to that picnic on the rim of Crater Lake, to that costume party where you went as complementary angles.

Surround yourselves with memories of your marriage's highlights. (Photo Credit: Kim Nguyen)

Dig out the pictures from that day when you took Polaroids of each other as you baked scones together; you know, all those pictures of silly expressions, spatters of flour, and love so overwhelming that you couldn't stop goofily grinning at each other even while performing utterly mundane tasks, those pictures where the complete joy and utter amazement of being with such a lovely person shone through in your eyes no matter how much you contorted your faces in laughter and nonsense poses.

Come on, I'm sure you have pictures of you and your love looking as adorable together as this couple. (Photo Credit: Molly Chung)

There's nothing like handmade bamboo panels to make a picture stand out, and to show your spouse that you think that your years together – through sickness and health, basement flooding and camping in the Redwoods, stressing over tax forms and dancing, scouring dishes and lazy Sunday afternoon cuddling – deserve to be on a pedestal. Let your partner know that they have made the difficult times bearable, the daily grind worthwhile, and the joyful times complete. Display your time together in a manner that is as high quality and classy as that candlelight dinner in Milan, as dependable as that Volkswagen Jetta you shared for 280,000 miles, as finely crafted as that sterling silver pitcher your great aunt Mabel gave you for your wedding, and that will be as treasured as your engagement ring.

Personally, I would have changed clothes between the wedding ceremony and the camping trip, but I'm not here to judge.
(Photo Credit: Kim Nguyen)

An anniversary gift of Plywerk will make your spouse smile so brightly you'll want a picture of that moment of unwrapping as well!

I'm sure your spouse will want to admire the panel, but remember that it's ideal to have their face actually be in the photo when documenting that post-gift smile.
(Photo Credit: Kim Nguyen)
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