Handmade Holiday Gift Guide!

Thanksgiving is only a week away which means you need to a) dust off your grandma’s famous cranberry sauce recipe and b) get your gift buying act in gear! Rather than running to the store to buy a Furby or Tickle Me Elmo, we’d like to gently nudge you towards buying something that is handmade in the USA. Although we’d love Plywerk to be your primary source for handmade in the USA gifts, We begrudgingly realize that Plywerk might not be a perfect fit for all your gifting needs.

Here are some awesome handmade in Portland gift ideas for When Plywerk does not fit the bill:

Grove -> If a Plywerk and an iPhone decided to make a baby, it would probably fit perfectly into the Grove product line. Grove creates incredibly detailed and well designed bamboo cases for virtually all your iDevices. We are totally in love with Grove and their absolutely, beautiful products.

Sugar Wheel Works -> If you are an avid cyclist and want more out of your wheels, the fine folks at Sugar will build you a custom set of bike wheels that will not disappoint!

Pigeon Toe Ceramics -> Their tag line “heirlooms for the modern home” kinda says it all. Every home needs at least one Pigeon Toe Ceramics piece.

Saint Cupcake -> Treats from Saint Cupcake or a gift certificate will make the perfect gift for the sweet tooth in your friends and family network. You should probably send some our way too :)

Water Ave Coffee -> It’s Portland folks. Everyone needs coffee. They are an amazing micro-roaster and all their coffees are handcrafted in SE Portland.

North St Bags -> Handmade, waterproof pannier and convertible (backpack to pannier) bags! You’ll be the best looking bike commuter on the road.

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