Here's a Great Holiday Recipe Display Idea: Stanley

Here’s another great use for Stanley, our upcycled Western Walnut picture display stand that is proving to be much more than just a classy alternative to a picture frame for holding holiday photos. We’ve already shown you some of the other uses for Stanley, and now we’re back with something entirely new, a holiday recipe display idea using non other than our own Stanley!


We understand this isn’t obvious at first, but Stanley’s unique design and crazy-strong neodymium magnets allow him to easily hold just about any paper-based material—not just photographs. By inserting a recipe where the picture would normally go, you can instantly transform Stanley into a recipe display stand. Are you with me? Yeah?


Now, there are two great reasons to use Stanley to display recipes. The first is to let Stanley help you in the cooking and baking process by holding your recipe upright. This reduces the counter space, or footprint, required for the recipe, keeping it out of the way of your working area while still being easy to reference at any moment. Depending on your kitchen layout, you could even use just one half of Stanley to magnetically hold your recipe to any applicable surface, like your refrigerator.

The second use is to invite Stanley to your holiday party, where he will happily display Grandma’s famous apple pie recipe right next to the pie itself, so your guests can decide whether or not they want to live dangerously by consuming that much sugar that night. In fact, invite a few of Stanley’s friends (who are also conveniently named Stanley) to show off the recipe for each dish. Guests will marvel at your culinary expertise (“Ooh, I didn’t know you put kale in this!”) while also being able to discreetly avoid any unwanted ingredients, like gluten and animals.

So now that you have even another use for Stanley, go ahead and visit the li’l guy in our store. He’s been looking for a home just like yours!

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