How Liliya Drubetskaya Uses Plywerk For Her Beautiful Imagery

Local artist Liliya Drubetskaya, "Liliya Dru" for short, is a painter and illustrator whose playful, eye-catching works are an awesome match for Plywerk's quality bamboo panels. From backdrops for the Portland Ballet, to children's books, to logo design, Liliya's gorgeous lines and soft colors are at home in many environments, much like Plywerk. This blogger is also a painter and illustrator who has worked on Plywerk before, and I really liked this quote of hers from our Ideas page about her experience painting on one of our panels:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.06.36 AM

" Working on the Plywerk was really enjoyable, they hold paint excellently. I used gouache, watercolor and some casein in both of the pieces. For this piece I assumed I would need multiple coats of gesso, as on other wood panels. However I came to find that, because of the quality of the wood and the smoothness of the surface, the areas where I painted directly on the board worked even better, so I omitted the gesso altogether on the bamboo piece. The quality I found to be most striking about using the plywerks is that they make the work glow. I'm not sure how this happens, it must be magic, but they glow! The texture of the wood grains adds so much to my work, and especially when I put down flat areas of color, the wood really brings those spaces to life. The color of the boards is great for what I'm doing, it serves as a perfect midtone and highlights show up really well. I also love the fact that they are ready to hang and there is no need for a frame, its become my favorite surface to paint on and I will definitely use them again for ideas I already have brewing - I cant wait to see what working with oil paint will be like on a plywerk!"

I love the idea that Plywerk makes art "glow!" The quality of the bamboo really does make Plywerk a special medium to work with. We talk a big game about our photo-mounted panels (and for good reason), but a Plywerk is fundamentally an art panel and a platform for every kind of visual creativity - a place to hang your ideas. What Liliya does with our product is one of my personal favorite uses. I have passed along samples of our wood to friends of mine who also make visual art and they've all raved about how much fun it was to work with. We would love to see more examples of Plywerk used in unique, creative ways. If you have any pictures or stories, please share them with us!

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