How Plywerk Celebrated the 4th of July

This year the Plywerkers celebrated a very Portland Fourth of July.

As always, our day began before dawn with a coffee fix. After each acquiring fresh roasted coffee from a different locally owned coffeehouse, we mounted up for a quick 60 mile bike ride out to Mt. Hood to watch the sunrise.

The Plywerk bike stables

After soaking in the beautiful view, we rushed back for brunch. Along the way we stopped by the houses of our friends who keep farm animals in their yards so we could pick up eggs and goat's milk. Brunch was cooked at the Plywerk kitchen and enjoyed on the warehouse docks where we eat lunch most days.

Unquestionably our Fourth of July Brunch (which really happened, we swear),
and not just some random day at lunch a few months ago

Once we'd thoroughly stuffed ourselves, we split into three teams for a rousing game of capture the flag using the emblems of all the nations that Plywerk Founder and CEO Kjell van Zoen calls home. Team America won, but I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been rigged, especially since Team The Netherlands won on King's Day last April 27th, and Team United Kingdom won on June 5th's Diamond Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II.

The afternoon consisted of guerrilla knitting dozens of bike rack and lamp post cozies with the Stars and Stripes pattern to line a parade route, and then marching in the parade. We performed obscure indie rock b-side songs (you haven't heard of them) adapted to an all ukelele band. We know it's common now, but we were playing ukes before it was cool.

This is us eating our tofu hotdogs... at the waterfront... outside... umm, moving on.

Our next stop was the waterfront. We put an Uncle Sam hat on the Vera Katz statue on the riverfront's eponymous esplanade and set up some grills. We had a barbecue of tofu hotdogs, kale, and polenta, paired with a variety of Portland microbrews. Once we had composted the fruit peels and otherwise cleaned up, we looped sparklers into the curls of our magnificent mustaches and started setting up for the fireworks display. The city puts on a pyrotechnic extravaganza, but we have a strong Do It Yourself streak, so we handcrafted our own fireworks from organic, locally sourced, gluten free, free-range, and sustainable magnesium, strontium, and barium oxide. Our socially and environmentally responsible explosions in the sky were a perfect end to the day.

Then we went to Disneyland.

(Photo Credit: Leanna Creel)

Yep, that definitely actually happened in real life. We hope your Fourth was just as awesome and twice as plausible!

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