How to Enlarge Low Res Images

Because of the ability to share images digitally, we get images from all over the place. Sometimes we pull them off of social media or a text message. So our resolution on images isn't always ideal. Today we're going to discuss how to enlarge low res images using Photoshop CC, and how a quick trick can dramatically improve your image quality.

The Image

How to enlarge low res images.

So I chose this awesome picture of a canyon because it's ridiculously gorgeous. And while we are here, I can direct you to another awesome resource. I got this image from a website called Pexels. It's an amazing resource for finding free to use images.  My image is fairly high res, but if I wanted to print this to a very large size, I would use this technique.

What if I Don't Have Photoshop?

 First of all, Plywerk has many sizes to accommodate any of your images. Second of all, technology is here to help. And Plywerk is here to help. If your image doesn't look quite right, our image specialists are here to assist you. There are also a plethora of free to use web-based upscale tools available. is fairly straightforward.

How to Enlarge Low Res Images

Open your image up in photoshop.

How to enlarge low res images.

You can do this by opening up Photoshop and going to File\Open or hitting Command(CTRL on PC) + O on your keyboard.

Navigate to the image size dialogue from the menu.

How to enlarge low res images.

Click on 'Image' in the top  menu and then click on 'Image Size.'

Ensure that the image size dialogue has opened.

How to enlarge low res images.

Aside from a few numbers and menu options, your screen should look like this at this point. Change the dimensions of your print to the desired size. For print, you're going to want a resolution of 300. So be sure to set the resolution to 300.

Check the 'Resample' Option and click the drop-down.

How to enlarge low res images.

Select 'Preserve Details 2.0' in the 'Resample' drop down. This is the best option for upscaling currently available to technology. Click 'OK' and you're done.

In Conclusion

Of course, it's not perfect and it's not CSI level image enhancement, but it's the best option for upscaling an image. You'll find that this method is especially effective when upscaling logos and illustrations.

If this software isn't available to you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. We have a team of image specialists that would be happy to assist you with your project.

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