You want some pizza? Order one online and have it delivered! You want to watch that TV show you've been meaning to catch up on? Marathon that mother on your iPhone! Want a burst of glitter to explode in the face of that guy at work who keeps stealing your jokes? Go on the internet and have a glitter bomb mailed to his mom's basement!

Checking the MailboxHoney, looks like you got a package from... Yoo Sahk?

It's the year 2000 and just like all the great minds of yesteryear predicted, you can perform important daily tasks without having to put on pants and leave the house. I mean, you could leave the house without pants, but then it opens a legal can of worms that starts with getting thrown in jail and ends with writing blogs for a living.

plywerk_blogger_blogging_about_a_blogHmm, what rhymes with "Plywerk"?

What am I getting at? I don't know, but you can order a Plywerk print straight from your Instagram profile! After sensible chuckle over recollecting the clever title of this blog post, check out Plywerk's custom print page and click on shop now...


... after choosing what type of Plywerk panel you'd like your picture printed on, it's time to choose your image. While this post is more focused on printing an image from your Instagram account, you also have the ability to select images on your computer/device as well as from your Facebook account. Unfortunately, I wasn't clever enough to think of a title that would encompass all three. :(


After selecting the Instagram option, you will be prompted to log on to your Instagram account. Don't worry, we won't be able to mess with your account. Unless you're a fitness model. Then I'm logging on and deleting all those stupid pictures of you posing with whatever detox tea you're peddling.

Female model in lingerie with her coffee mug by the windowThe chances of this woman actually drinking anything in this picture is equal to/greater than to the probability of her finding me atttractive.

After logging into your Instagram account, you can select any image you've posted to turn into a beautiful Plywerk, and viola! It's that easy.


Now you can decorate your home in memories! Commemorate that amazing vacation you took, immortalize your child's formative years, print whatever you want. Just don't order any pictures of food, unless you want everyone who visits your house to think you're just as pretentious in person as you are online.