Jeff Curtes - March Featured Artist


Jeff Curtes

Sydney, Australia

Last time you ate a pancake?
Saturday's are pancake days with the kids, but since I've been on the road for the past few weeks that was back on January 19th.Favorite day of the week?
Monday's (all quiet in Sydney as it's still Sunday in the US)

Favorite website besides your own? Live Belgian cyclocross racing all season long!


Give us a brief description of you and your work.

2012/13 is a very progressive year for me. For nearly the past 20 years, I've shot snowboarding exclusively for Burton Snowboards, chasing the worlds best riders in search of the best conditions on the planet. The past year has allowed me to finally spread my wings in pursuit of other photographic projects with the same energy and commitment. No, I'm not stopping shooting snowboarding, just allowing myself time to point the camera at things other than snow. Roads, mud, faces, kids, energy....from dirt bag to polished productions, my new path is just beginning.


What's your goal as an artist?



You’ve been a snowboard photographer for over 20 years. How has the sport and the athletes evolved?

The sport has and I have as well. The skills have progressed and therefore the terrain and it's access has needed to as well - Resort shooting has changed to shooting in the backcountry, backyard ditch shoots are now perfect Olympic sized 20ft pipes. My work evolves - and I push into the agency world of commercial photography with snowboarding as the feather in my cap.


How did a kid from Wisconsin wind up traveling the world to photograph the world's best snowboarders?

Committed to having fun.

A lot of people forget that snowboarding wasn’t always an ‘accepted’ sport. In the beginning, a lot of resorts wouldn’t allow snowboarding. Did photography help break the ice and introduce snowboarding to the world?

I don't think so really - it was inevitable.


What is your favorite epic moment?... when you thought to yourself ‘I have the coolest job ever!’

When I met my wife on a shoot.


You’ve transitioned into cyclocross and childrens photography. What elements cross over from your snowboard photography background to these new subjects?

Energy, unknown, DIY, and for me, the success will come from the passion and commitment with which I dive in.


Where do you find inspiration?

Racing, never stopping, ageless quest for fun.

If you had your choice to shoot anything/anyone, anywhere in the world, what/who and where would you go?

My current projects couldn't be better, they are the ultimate:

    • A recent editorial solo wanderlust through the Louisville mud and snow covering the Cyclocross World Championships for Paved Magazine (look for an all digital mag out next week cover the event at


    • A massive ManaMedia produced Nike Young Athletes shoot in Austin, Texas: Spring/Summer 2013 covering over a half dozen sports in three days with an incredible group of kids


  • An ongoing Factory Labs concepted Oakley snow 2013 print ad campaign which is pushing everything to the next level. These are the dream jobs.


Why do you chose to show your artwork on Plywerk?

Simple, clean, affordable, beautiful

Favorite coffee drink?

Long Black

What was the last full album you listened to

El Camino

Favorite type of melon?


More about Jeff

Jeff has been published both editorially and commercially in magazines such as Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder Magazine, Outside, COG, Raygun, Bike. Beyond his work with Burton Snowboards, Jeff has shot for K2, Salomon, Rapha, Nike, HP, SAP, and..the list goes on and on. Jeff has published two books, BLOWER: Snowboarding Inside Out by Booth-Clibborn Editions and most recently, 28 Day Winter by PowerHouse Books in Brooklyn. Jeff chooses Sydney, Australia (and Portland, Oregon) as his home base where he lives with his Australian wife, photographer Jess Mooney, son Finlay Yorke, and 18 month old daughter Bowie. When not shooting or traveling, Jeff can be found riding his bike.

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  • Andrew Holman

    Very nice work, I am partial to the crevasse-jump!

    • Garrett

      Andrew you're the winner of a Jeff Curtes photo on Plywerk! Here's what you have to do to claim your prize:
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  • Nancy Davis

    Awesome shots! Great post.

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