John Eklund in the Art Store

Okay, readers of the internet, we have some catching up to do. So pour yourself a cup of international coffee and I’ll fill you in on the happenings at the Plywerk Art Store. You remember the Art Store, yes? Perhaps the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so you might be feeling a little slow. That’s ok. I’ll refresh your memory. The Art Store is our own gallery of already-mounted art by some of our favorite artists and photographers. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for some awesome art mounted on bamboo panels.

lowres_cape-kiwanda-milky-way2 John Eklund captures Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast at it's finest.

Meet John Eklund. He’s the newest addition to the Art Store. John started out as a portrait photographer, shooting people, weddings, and landscapes. But in 2004 a YouTube video changed his path completely. That’s when he discovered an artist who posted time-lapse cinematography work under the name Mockmoon2000.

lowres_trillium-lake2 Mt Hood and Trillium Lake by John Eklund. This is for sale in the Plywerk Art Store!

Since then, John Eklund has been working his own kind of magic, capturing nature’s beauty and sharing the unique aspects of time through time-lapse video. If you could hang a video on your parlor room wall, you would. But, that seems a little complicated. Fortunately, you can also purchase still photos from his breathtaking collection of work.

John Eklund draws a lot of inspiration from the scenery here in the Pacific Northwest, but he aspires to travel all over the world, in an attempt to tell our planet’s story. We’d like to help him tell that story. So check out the Art Store and peruse his collection.

lowres_portland-snow Portland under a blanket of snow. Image by John Eklund.

That’s what we’re here for. The Art Store is a happenin’ place to find incredible artwork from some of the finest artists and photographers we know. Our artists love Plywerk panels because they’re clean and simple. And we happen to think that they’re the perfect way to display a beautiful photo. It’s cool. It’s modern. And, of course, it’s eco-friendly.

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