Chelsea Dee Thom - June Featured Artist

Chelsea Dee Thom

New York City till May 16th then I have a one-way ticket to Kenya so we will see.

When was the last time you ate a pancake?
Does a crepe count?

Favorite day of the week?

Favorite website besides your own?


Give us a brief description of you an your work.

My goal in photography is to use the light and joy that already exist in the world and make people aware it exists. I think it is very important to get to know the story of other cultures when you are photographing them and not just take photos and leave.

What's your goal as an artist?

To create awareness that leads to change and an end to global poverty.

Why did you chose photography?

I see light..

Chelsea Dee Photography

Where do you draw inspiration from?

The happy faces of people especially children all over the planet.

What was the last full album you listened to?

Morgan Karr's self titled album Morgan Karr.. Love it.

Favorite Golden Girl?

The oldest one. She reminded me of my great grandma Ruby.

Chelsea Dee Photography

Top three movies of all time?

Babel, Great Expectations, and High Fidelity

Favorite living artist?

Nan Goldin.

Favorite deceased artist?

Dorothea Lange.

Chelsea Dee Photography

Scale of 1-10 (low-high), Picasso's Blue Period?


Scale of 1-10 (low-high), Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup?


Who would win in a paint off between Gustav Klimt and Pierre-Auguste Renoir ?

Klimt would be faster. Renior would make you feel it.

Chelsea Dee Photography

Who would win in a photography battle royale Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson?

Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Do you prefer Van Gogh with two ears or one?

I suppose now he has none?

Have you seen this high speed video of jello?


Chelsea Dee Photography

Why do you chose to show your artwork on Plywerk?

They are helpful and it makes my life easy because everything they do looks perfect.

Does thinking of Plywerk give you love butterflies in your stomach?

Pretty much.

Favorite hair style?

Hipster blond, half long, half hawk.

Chelsea Dee Photography

Breakfast cereal of choice?

Cinnamon toast crunch.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Pretty much that the Fraggles vis Jim Henson are the key to all wisdom and dancing. "We see with our eyes. We know with our hearts. Outside...Inside." - Cantus Fraggle

More about Chelsea

Chelsea grew up in a small town in Nebraska before moving to Colorado where she discovered her love for the mountains and snowboarding. She left Colorado to study photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California. After developing her photo skills at Brooks, Chelsea moved to NYC to work with world reknowned photographer Mark Seliger. Chelsea is passionate about light and using it to express the mood and overall feeling in her artwork. Chelsea is incredibly active in the nonprofit community and is an inspiration to us all. Her favorite fruit is pineapple and she can do a perfect back handspring without any warmup stretches.

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