February Featured Artist - Karen Kelly

Karen Kelly

Location: The Boston Seaport, Massachusetts  Website:

Last time she had Pancakes for breakfast: "Sunday.  I eat them every Sunday.  My husband makes beautiful, fluffy, perfect pancakes."

Favorite day of the week? Monday.  It's usually my day off after working all weekend :)

Your favorite website besides your own?

Pic of Karen Kelly


Give us a brief description of you an your work. 

I am an ex-advertising exec who found her soul in photography. As a natural light, documentary style photographer, I'm creating family chronicles that will be passed down from generation to generation.  Ultimately, my goal is to be your photographer for life.  It's a huge responsibility that I couldn't love more. 

Kaitlyn + Alex Engaged-3531 (1) Photo by Karen Kelly

What's your goal as an artist? 

I strive to capture beauty in the seemingly mundane moments of our everyday lives.  

Shields Family - Karen Kelly Photography-39 Photo by Karen Kelly

Why did you chose photography? 

I actually think it chose me.  My business grew really organically.  I started shooting, and I just fell deeper in love with it every day.  I think people could see how much of myself I put into these photographs, and they asked me to take their portrait. 

Hennessy - KKP-35 (1) Photo by Karen Kelly

What do you do when you are not shooting? 

Think hard about going to them gym, then instead, chase my wheaten terrier named Mosby around.  We named him after Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.  My husband and I were huge fans of the show (except for the ending).  In many ways it paralleled our lives.  I am a total foodie and love the experience of an incredible meal.  We have our local favorites in the Boston Seaport - namely Blue Dragon by Ming Tsai - but we love trying to new places in Boston too. I recently started painting and have found this to be a wonderful outlet from the day to day.

Sam + Michael Engaged - Karen Kelly Photography-56 Photo by Karen Kelly

Camera of choice? 

Nikon D4s

Elisabeth Owens Newborn - Karen Kelly Photography-50 Photo by Karen Kelly

What was the last full album you listened to? 

Damien Rice, My Favourite Faded Fantasy

KKP-30 Photo by Karen Kelly

Film or digital? 

Digital.  But I'm learning film.

McIntyre - KKP-18 (1) Photo by Karen Kelly

Top three movies of all time? 

Love Actually.  Clue.  Garden State.

Karen Kelly Photography-5404 Photo by Karen Kelly

Favorite living artist? 

It's so hard to narrow this down, so I will tell you about someone I've actually met, wedding photographer Joe Buissink.  I saw him speak at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) a few years ago and left more inspired than I'd ever been in my career - and hysterically crying.  I managed to choke back tears for several seconds to approach him afterwards and introduce myself.  Only an afternoon of face time, but I've loved this man ever since. 

Karen Kelly Photography-653 (1)-2 Photo by Karen Kelly

Favorite deceased artist? 

Jeff Buckley.  Amazing musician with still so much left to give.  "Last Goodbye" makes me cry every single time. 

Breslau family-7152 (2) Photo by Karen Kelly

Have you seen this high speed video of jello

That is so incredibly beautiful.  That is actually my inspiration for today. 

Costello Family - Karen Kelly Photography-5074 Photo by Karen Kelly

Why do you chose to show your artwork on Plywerk? 

I love the unique richness of the bamboo and it's textured look.  It keeps the focus on the image, not the accouterments.  It also allows the images to be larger, while taking up the same amount of space on your wall as a frame and matte. They also make great gifts in the 1.5" thickness size.  And they literally go with any room color!

KKP-157 Photo by Karen Kelly


Win a Karen Kelly Print on Plywerk

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