Katherine Hemond @ Kerbey Lane Café


Serendipity was at play this past November when Katherine Hemond, a Boston-based photographer, and her sister, an Austin, TX transplant, wandered into Kerbey Lane Café. The day before, the two sisters had run a half-marathon. Their endorphin-overload had them up with the sun and their hungry bellies led them back to the breakfast counter (for the second time in three days). The next thing they knew, they were chatting with a lovely woman who turned out to be the owner and offered the opportunity to display Hemond's work in the restaurant. If you haven't visited Kerbey Lane Café you're missing out. From March 4 - May 1, Hemond's photography will be displayed on beautiful ¾" bamboo Plywerk panels. The café is open 24/7. Katherine Hemond is not only an amazing photographer and a lovely human, she has officially won our "Teacher's Pet" award by writing her own feature! Thanks Katherine!

Kerbey Lane Café , Central
3704 Kerbey Lane
Austin, TX 78731
Katherine's Website




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