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“The best things in life are free.” You’ve probably heard this saying, from your grandmama, or some other wise relative. Well, I hate to tell you, but it’s not true. There are a lot of fine things in life, and, unfortunately, we usually have to pay for them. Take ice cream, for example. Sure, every now and then you’ll stumble upon a complimentary ice cream social, but usually you have to put down some cold, hard cash.

Plywerk Head to our Facebook page, "like us" and you'll get a free gift added to your cart!

Anyway, even if you have to pay for most of the best things, you can still get some really good things for free.

For instance, who among us wouldn’t like a free coaster from Plywerk? You probably think, but there’s no such thing as a free coaster! That’s another thing my grandmama always told me. Well, first of all, you’re thinking of a free lunch. And, honestly, we’d love to give you a free lunch. But logistically, it would be easier for us to give you a free coaster. We don’t have to keep it hot. Or cold.

So enough beating around the bush. It’s time to celebrate because you can get a free coaster from Plywerk, simply by liking Plywerk on Facebook. What can’t Facebook do?! Just find Plywerk on Facebook. You’ll see that there’s a button on the top of our FB page that says "free gift" and when you click on it and "like" us, it takes you to our cart. In that car, you’ll find a free coaster. Purchase anything from Plywerk, and like magic, you’ll get that free coaster.

You don’t want your Plywerk coaster to be lonely, so consider buying something like a Plywerk Mini to keep it company. Something like our desktop block will look nice sitting there on your coffee table. So like us on Facebook today! It’s just the push you needed to get some of your pictures off your phone and onto wood.

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