Living Future Institute visits Plywerk

Are you ready to get your green on? Because this post is so green you’re going to think you’re in the Matrix on St. Patrick’s Day. I even dimmed my monitor to just one bar above off while writing this, to save electricity and be more green. At Plywerk, we pride ourselves on producing only the leanest, greenest, eco-friendliest, handmadest photo and art display products in the land. From our classic plywood photo panels made form sustainably-harvested, CO2-neutralizing bamboo, to a Stanley picture stand built entirely from upcycled western walnut, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of everything we make.

Living Future Institute Portland

That’s why we felt pretty special when we got to host a few honored dignitaries from the Living Future Institute. What’s the Living Future Institute, you ask? It is a hub for the major visionary programs surrounding green construction, including the Living Building Challenge, the Cascadia Green Building Council, and more. Live Future provides solutions for green building from room renovations to entire city planning projects. Their goal is to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of construction and building use, and bring us ever closer to the dream of net zero energy performance. But it isn’t just a dream. The Living Future Institute has the tools, the know-how, and the people to make it happen. But they can’t do it alone.

Living Future having a lean tour of Plywerk's workshop Living Future Insitute visiting Plywerk's workshop.

So take a moment to go read what they’re all about, and please consider supporting them. Or head on over to our website to learn why Plywerk strives to be more than just green. It’s not just about getting to eat more donuts by riding our bikes to work. Although, it is a little bit about that.

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