Local Spotlight - Andy Batt

Portland professional photographer and friend of Plywerk, Andy Batt, recently exhibited a collection of his photographs mounted on Plywerk panels. We’ve known Andy for a while now as he’s an instantly recognizable face in Portland’s commercial photography scene. Turns out, though, he got his start on the opposite side of the country.


Born in New Jersey, Andy moved out west with his wife and business partner, Therese, after he earned a BFA from RIT. As a hub of creative activity and with a great food and drink scene, Portland was an obvious choice for the duo.

At his core, Andy considers himself as storyteller. He draws inspiration from all corners of the creative world, including cinema, writing, and pop culture. His work is impactful, capturing the grace and power of his subjects, whether shooting athletes for editorial or creating fine art work for his personal portfolio. His images have appeared in galleries around the world, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

Andy Batt Andy Batt

We’re proud that Andy would choose to promote his work on our plywood photo mounting panels—his pictures make us look good! So thanks, Andy, and we can’t wait to work with you again!

Andy Batt Andy Batt

To see more of Andy’s work and learn more about what makes him tick, check out his website or follow him on Tumblr.

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