A great way to add a modern look to your home decor is using photo frames. We recommend our Maggie bamboo photo frame! The Maggie bamboo photo frame is comprised of course of bamboo wood and uses four magnets and ball bearings to create a one of a kind photo frame.


The magnets and ball bearings makes the frame versatile, so that you may be able to switch out a photo whenever you feel it necessary. Not only can you switch out the photos, but included is a bamboo stand so that you have the option to have on display on your desk or coffee table, or you can always hang it on the wall--the endless possibilities await!


We offer the Maggie photo frame in three perfect sizes and are made using sustainably harvested bamboo. However, we do offer custom sizes (also known as Maggie's older sister Margaret) for those who want to go BIG. The holidays are just around the corner, so order the Maggie bamboo photo frame as a great gift for your loved ones!


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