Plywerkers Love Portland Playhouse

Here at Plywerk headquarters, we’ve seen a great many uses for Plywerk products. Our wooden photo panels might look simple, but they serve many purposes. A Plywerk panel is like a beautiful bamboo Swiss army knife. (Although we do not recommend that you use your Plywerk for bottle opening or tweezing.) But we often ask ourselves, “What can’t Plywerk do?”

magnetic photo frame Portland Playhouse has a variety of wonderful shows to see year-round!
Image by Christina Ricetti

I’m not going to answer that. Instead, let’s focus on the positive. What can Plywerk do? Well, we can preserve memories. We can help people hang those memories on their walls. We can make art out of major life events. We can decorate homes and businesses. We’re pretty versatile, just like our products. And now, thanks to Portland Playhouse, we’re aware of one more function of our Maggie magnetic photo frame.

Next time you catch a show at the Portland Playhouse, you might also notice Plywerk lurking somewhere behind the scenes. That’s because our Maggie panels will be stealing the show in the lobby of Portland Playhouse. Our Maggie frames will be proudly showcasing photos of the cast members. And we’re quite proud to be affiliated in any way with a fine institution like Portland Playhouse.

Fiction2 If you live in Portland or are just visiting, stop by to see a show
at Portland Playhouse. You'll be happy you did.
Image by Christina Ricetti

Plywerkers love Portland Playhouse. Portland Playhouse is dedicated to producing quality performances. They put on live shows that encourage and allow for important interactions between artists and audiences. The shows at Portland Playhouse serve not only to entertain but also to provoke ideas and inspire conversation.

As an active member of the Portland arts community, we feel a strong urge to get up and cheer for places like Portland Playhouse. In addition to great entertainment, they also provide educational training and community outreach. So give them a ‘hip hip hooray’ next time you attend a show. And during intermission, take a moment to admire the fine bamboo panels.

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