Meet Troy, Plywerk's Chief Woodworker

Once again, it's time to Better Know a Plywerker. This month you'll learn all the vital information about Troy, our woodshop lead.

Troy, in his natural habitat, inspecting his handiwork.

Q & A:

Official job title? What would you want your unofficial one to be?

Wood shop manager. "Unofficially," I'm the Czar of the Southern Sea.

Ideal smoothie ingredients?

Right now I'm on triple berry kick: strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Describe your favorite bike ride of the last year.

My favorite bike ride of last year... let me think.... It was a Tuesday. The sun was shining and it was one of those day where it was crisp, yet not cold, warm but not yet hot. There was wind in my hair and no glass under my tires. Traffic was mindful and my pedals were swift with the pleasure of the day. The air was sweetened with the fragrance of fresh cut grass, yet a hint of manure kept you firmly grounded, so as to not float off in a dream like state of bliss. Ah yes, that was a good day indeed, a very fine Tuesday.

What feat of woodworking are you most proud of?

My greatest feat of woodwork has been teaching table saws how to sing. They are always a bit shy, but in the end they always find their voice.

It's hard to tell in a visual medium, but those saws are indeed singing.

Last costume you wore?

The one I'm wearing now, as my ruse to protect my secret identity. No, wait a minute, I don't have a secret identity...You've heard nothing.

Where do you get your awesome socks? Which pair is your favorite?

Finding great socks is like hunting truffles; you've got to have a a good nose. The greatest socks can be found in the least likely places. My favorite pair is from ZimZim. They would be my pink knee highs, with unicorns and cupcakes on them. No day can ever be bad when you have cupcakes and unicorns on your side.

Favorite memory involving Plywerk?

One of the stand out moments in my Plywerking history is when I met Lindsay Jo Holmes, the creator of MapleXO. Plywerk had just been a great place to work. She was one of the first artisans I met here in Portland, and she was pumped that someone who had only been in Portland for a few weeks had gotten in to one of the biggest pillars in the local art community. It opened my eyes to how awesome it is to be a Plywerker.

Troy and JJ, presumably plotting towards their master plan of taking over Plyw... I mean doing essential paperwork. Yep. Nothing noteworthy. Don't worry about it Kjell.

What topic fascinates you?

Outside of art and bikes, Marine biology. Cephalopods have got to be one of the most amazing animals

What is one thing you would like to accomplish in the next year?

I'd love to spend more time in Central and Eastern Oregon.

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