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Michelle Moore

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Seattle, WA

Last time you ate a pancake?
Actually, I made pancakes for myself last weekend when I was home alone. I just wanted some comfort food! Only thing that sucked was the pancake mix was so old they tasted a little stale. Guess I don't eat pancakes as often as I should!Favorite day of the week?
Mondays - I like them because I take the weekends off, and I'm eager to jump back into work and get things organized and ready to go for the week!

Favorite website besides your own? I love looking at the clothes, and I am hugely inspired by their styling and photography.


Give us a brief description of you and your work.

I'm a portrait and fashion Photographer based in Seattle, WA. Currently I spend about 80% of my time working with high school students for their senior portraits and the remaining 20% on fashion editorial, and commercial clients. Just this year I released my first product for Photographers, an e-book about posing: Plywerk blog readers get $50 off Michelle's e-book. Enter code PLYWERK50 for the month of November (not to be combined with any other offer or discount).

As a photographer you literally have hundreds if not thousands of options when it comes to picking your niche. What drew you to portrait photography?

I think the biggest thing that drew me to my niche was a process of elimination. I had dabbled in lots of other genres and subjects and when I finally stumbled upon portrait photography everything finally "clicked". I stuck with it because the subject matter resonated with me - I wanted to help young girls feel beautiful through my photography and message.

Your photography is amazing and so different from subject to subject! How do you make all your shoots so unique and your clients look so beautiful?

Thank you! I like to focus on my client's individual personality which allows me to make each shoot be unique - rather than focusing on the location where I'm shooting. It allows me to approach the same locations with a fresh perspective each time, because I'm focused on making them feel sassy and confident, instead of trying to photograph the same location with a different person over and over.

A lot has changed with senior portraits in 20 or so years. Back in the day it seemed like seniors were content leaning against a car or standing in front of a waterfall on a decent hair day. How is today different?

Today's senior is VASTLY different than 20 (or even just 5!) years ago, due in part to social media and websites like pinterest. Girls are being bombarded with stylish and beautiful images on a daily basis and want to experience their own version of what they see online. They want something that speaks to them, and is unique and shows off their individuality. They want to look like themselves on their best day (no more airbrushing) and get the full experience! About 7 years ago when I started my high school senior portrait business, I brought hair & makeup to the table - which has now become an industry standard across the nation. It brings the experience for teen girls to a whole new level.

What's your goal as an artist?

To continue to revolutionize the Senior Portrait market, as well as bring awareness to healthy body image in the Fashion Industry, and create a movement to help teens across the world with through positive messages. The most important thing for me is changing the way teens perceive themselves and others - and I hope to break into the Fashion industry by photographing healthy models that can spread better awareness to young teens and adults about being healthy, and happy in life.

Why do you chose to show your artwork on Plywerk?

I was looking for something really cool and modern to display my client's art work back in 2010. I stumbled across Plywerk at WPPI and was hooked once I found out (a) they were local to the NW and (b) eco-friendly! My clients LOVE their Plywerk and I am slowly converting people away from canvas (I'm sorry but those are just soooo 1992!)

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I try and stay away from reading blogs, and looking at other artists work for inspiration, so I mainly gather ideas and thoughts from what I see on TV, movies, and my everyday life. I'm inspired mostly by light - and cute fashion editorials in magazines like Teen Vogue and retail catalogs like Free People.

Favorite type of melon?

Watermelon (with feta) or Cantaloupe (with Prosciutto)

How do you like your eggs prepared?

Scrambled with Ketchup or Over-easy

Who's the bigger late 80's hunk: AC Slater from Saved By The Bell or Uncle Jesse from Full House?

Definitely Uncle Jesse from Full House!

Top three movies of all time?

I want to answer this because I'm a movie buff, but I can't even begin to narrow it down to just 3! The Matrix, The Constant Gardener, Waterworld, Babel, and Can't Hardly Wait are just a random selection of where my taste runs...!

Favorite Restaurants in Seattle?

How To Cook a Wolf, Bravehorse Tavern & Oddfellows

Favorite hair style?

70s inspired center part, with long layers and soft waves

Favorite living artist?

Sally Mann

More about Michelle

Michelle Moore started her career as a band photographer in 2003, and has since shot many models, high school seniors, actors, weddings & events. Her primary focus is fashion editorial and high school senior portraits in both Seattle and Los Angeles. She is an internationally respected senior portrait photographer and is highly sought out for her portrait services.

Michelle loves helping high school seniors reveal their inner and outer beauty during her unique boutique like portrait experience. In addition, she focuses on bringing awareness to a healthy body image through her fashion and celebrity editorial work. In this capacity, she has collaborated with many local and national magazines on editorial and celebrity assignments.

In 2011 she worked again with 90210 television star Jessica Lowndes, photographing the cover of her most recent music EP entitled "Nothing Like This."Michelle is also growing her commercial photography client base, adding and REPORT shoes in 2012.

We are so honored to have Michelle as a client and featured artist. Her talent and passion for art and photography are truly inspirational! She clearly loves what she does... after all, she is the only artist we've interviewed who said Monday is her favorite day because she, takes the weekends off and is eager to get the week going! I have a new goal of being like Michelle on Monday morning and vow to properly caffinate early to stay focused and avoid miscues/snaps at fellow Plywerkers.

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