So as we've waxed poetically a couple of blog posts ago, PLYWERK has a brand-spanking-new printing process! What you might not now is that we still offer our Blank PLYWERK canvases. Wait... what?


Blank PLYWERK Canvases: The "Pet Rock" of photo mounting.

Who'd want or need a blank hunk of (ply)wood (or bamboo)? I'll tell you who: anyone with an imagination! Some people might ask what makes these blank panels so special? Not you though. Where some might see a blank canvas, you see an endless cavalcade of possibilities! An entire world to be woven into existence! A... uh... third and equally inspirational metaphor that would impress someone painfully uncreative as myself.

blank_wood_photo_mounting_canvasI still see a blank piece of wood. I also listen to Top 40 music and watch reality television. :(

Even better than a blank canvas is one with an adhesive mounting option. So even if you can't draw, paint, or use a glue gun, you can still create a your own PLYWERK print! Now you can mount your favorite image onto a PLYWERK panel. Better yet, if you're SUPER creative, you can make a collage of all of your favorite images before mounting it to one of our blank canvases!

blank_wood_photo_mounting_canvasPICTURED ABOVE: A collage of my friends.

Wether you got a $200 set of paints and brushes or an exacto knife and a shoebox full of old photographs, a blank PLYWERK canvas is perfect for you, and if you don't, you can still get it for someone who does! I mean, if they were really creative, then they would be able to appreciate the thought process that went into them getting a blank piece of wood as a present. Right?

All in all, there's no right or wrong way to decorate a blank PLYWERK canvas, just as long as it inspires you!


I was inspired to mount a photograph of a blank PLYWERK canvas onto to a blank PLYWERK canvas. Talk about Postmodernism.