As someone with a larger-than-normal-head who gets painfully insecure when shopping for hats, I can tell you that One Size Fits All is a farce! More like one size fits MOST, but for the most part, it works fine for the majority of people. That's because most people don't need something unique, just functional.

baconLike bacon flavored toiletries.

On the flip side, sometimes that just won't cut it. Your head might be swelling, not from a freakishly large skull (reducing you to work as a lowly blogger), but from all the awesome unique ideas that keep popping into your brain! Sometimes normal is just too boring and you need a one-of-a-kind product. As a consumer, this is where things can be a little challenging. If it's your first time, requesting something unconventional or exclusive can be just as intimidating as making accidental eye contact with someone working at a mall kiosk.

creepy_mall_kiosk_guy"Can I interest you in some lotion?"

While most businesses would groan and roll their eyes, we here at PLYWERK are always up to the challenge! Sure, we offer several different print sizes, but we know that the imagination of our clients does not fit neatly into ONLY what we have available. Sometimes they challenge us to step outside our comfort zone and whip up something fresh!

Just take a look at these awesome award placards we had the pleasure of producing for The NHA Opportunity Fund...


We produced close to 20 of these lovely unique dimensional prints. All of the cutting, sanding, and assembly done so by the careful hands of the PLYWERK production team.


As you can see a little bit better from this angle, dimensional prints give your PLYWERK an added layer of depth, making it explode with dynamic characteristics that supersede the  distinct appeal of an already incredible product! This is just a fancy way of saying we attached a smaller print to a bigger print and it looked pretty cool!

But hey, that in itself is no small feat! Our top secret assembly method utilizes a high-stakes technique that requires getting it right the first time, because once that second layer is applied, there's no way it's coming off dude. Don't believe me? Check out Chris...


Chris is the bad boy of PLYWERK. He's like a mix between Bugs Bunny, Han Solo, and Randal Graves (with a touch of Bill Murray for all the ladies). He might not look it, but I've seen him accomplish impressive feats of strength. Just the other day I watched him destroy an entire box of donuts, leaving a tattered whirlwind of shredded pink cardboard in it's place. Lets see how this dimensional PLYWERK print stands up to the inhuman strength of his Robin Williams arms.


Holy ShazBot! Either Chris is using all of his strength in a pitiful attempt to rip the dimensional layer in two, or he's wincing in pain from accidentally kneeling on the pointy part of corner. C'mon Chris, just pretend there's 12 chocolate glazed crullers hidden in between those two prints!


See that? Those two are inseparable (just like Chris and donuts). Don't worry Chris, it happens to a lot of guys. I just hope you learned and important lesson today, and that lesson is: If you grab the last donut while I'm reaching for it. Then eat it in front of me, I'm going to trick you into posing for a bunch of goofy pictures so I can rag on you in my blog posts!