Plywerk as Signs, Awards and Plaques

Plywerk is fantastic for showing off photographs and artwork, but did you know that our eco-conscious panels are awesome for awards, plaques and signs? Plywerk are perfect for saying ‘thank you’, recognizing a donor, or even guiding people to the water fountain.

Our maple and bamboo art panels both look great as awards or plaques, and our c-type lustre paper is durable and won’t show fingerprints! If you are looking for something a bit different, we can chat about laser, print direct or screen printing options.

Check out some examples that we’ve done:

Salvation Army Sponser Plaques -
Laser engraving on a blank, bamboo panel. -
Oakland Zoo Appreciation Plaque -
Screen print on a bamboo panel, courtesy of Rendered -
Nike Wellness Center Guidelines Sign -


Dougy Center Donation Wall -

As we enter graduation season, remember to keep Plywerk in mind as an eco-conscious way to say "Congratulations!".



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