Plywerk an Award: We Do Custom Award Plaques

There’s more to Plywerk than meets the eye. So get ready to have your world turned upside down. Prepare to have your mind blown. Hold on to your brain. Give us a moment while we scramble the world as you know it. Because, in addition to being masters of photo printing and mounting, we are also known to dabble in custom award plaques, from time to time. Of course you already know that we provide exquisite services for photographers and artists. You KNOW that we specialize in high-quality photo mounting and we’re always going on about putting your art on gorgeous eco-friendly bamboo.

salvation army The Salvation Army Bulkley Valley Ministries of British Columbia
created these awards on our 1/2" maple panels.

We’re known ‘round the globe for producing modern home decor with simple wood panels. Isn’t that enough? Well, sure. We could just call it a day. But we didn’t! And we won’t! Because there’s more that we can do. Plywerk is more than the perfect canvas for photographs and artwork. It’s also a new and modern way to honor employees at your company.

If you’re looking for a unique way to present company awards and accolades, Plywerk can help. We love awarding! And we’re always happy to be a part of a good accolade! A Print on Plywerk is a great alternative to a trophy or other dated looking awards. We can create a totally unique and modern wood-mounted award for your business or softball team or board gaming association. And it will be very suitable for hanging. Hang it in your office. Hang it at your home. Hang it where you’ll see it a lot because it’s going to look awesome.

So consider giving your employees an award that they’re proud of and proud to hang. Plywerk your next award. You’ll feel like a winner too when you present your next Employee of the Month with a piece of Plywerk.

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