Plywerk for Father's Day

Don’t be alarmed, but Father’s Day will be here before you know it. I think we can all agree that fathers are universally impossible to shop for. But fear not. A tie is not your only option this year. Besides, what if your dad doesn’t even wear ties? What if he’s retired? Or what if he’s a spinning instructor? Then what? Then Plywerk, that’s what.

dad_daughter Ties are overrated. Get your dad a Plywerk for Father's Day!

We’ve got this one. You don’t have to succumb to the tired old Father’s Day cliches. Because not every dad is a tie-wearing, grill-master, golf-playing, fisherman. So think outside the tackle box this year. Give your dad a unique Father's Day gift. Give him the gift of Plywerk.

Order your pop a Print on Plywerk. Our classic prints mounted on eco-friendly bamboo make a great gift for any dad. A Print on Plywerk is simple and easy to personalize. You can take a great family photo and turn it into a beautiful wood-mounted picture that’s ready to hang. If your dad has a wall, he can certainly use a Print on Plywerk. (If your dad does not have a wall, there’s another good gift idea.)

dadandbabynew Dad's love sweet memories too.

And even if your dad’s wall space is all spoken for, he can still appreciate a Maggie photo frame. Our cool magnetic frame is perfect for a wall, a desktop, or even a coffee table. Give him a Maggie and a nice selection of grandkid pictures. It’s the perfect gift for the proud Grandpa.

Of course, if you’re still not sure what best suits your dad, you can always get him a Plywerk Gift Certificate. He might even have a little fun designing his own Plywerk creation.

And don’t go waiting until the last minute. Get your Father’s Day Plywerk ordered today. Make your dad proud. And get your car washed. He’d probably like that too.

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