Plywerk Goes Green for St. Patrick's Day

Hey look, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Wow, that came up quickly! What are we going to do with so little time to prepare? We could quickly paint up a green version of Vinny, our vinyl album art display line, and sell him bundled with legacy U2 albums. Or maybe we should cut some shamrock-shaped Plywerk Desktop Blocks, dollop some green frosting on them, and see how they taste? Probably neither of those are good ideas. Maybe instead we should just focus on how inherently green our photo display products are without any paint or frosting.

2014-MARCH-St.Paddy-home3 We love this little cutie on our Custom Print on Plywerk bamboo panel!

You see, at Plywerk we don’t talk about return on investment without looking at the real investment and value of our work: how it benefits our community and the environment at large. Our commitment to being eco-conscious is a huge part of this. Our picture frames, art panels, and record display products are the greenest they can possibly be, made from sustainable maple, bamboo, walnut, and juniper woods. We reduce waste by operating under the principles of lean manufacturing and send our scrap wood to be upcycled to live another life as part of someone else’s craft project.

IMG_2584 We're Green all days of the year, not just on St. Patricks' Day!

Our green attitude toward business also extends to our personal lives. In the last two years, Plywerkers have ridden over 11,000 miles commuting to and from work, and saved over 11,000 pounds of C02 from entering the atmosphere. (We’ve also burned enough calories to consume over 2,000 donuts. Maybe we should cash in on that for St. Patrick’s Day.)

In short, in preparing for St. Patrick’s day we really have to acknowledge that all Plywerk products are already green. A deep green that lives at the heart of each one, where perhaps you can’t directly see it, but you know it’s there nonetheless. I mean, we won’t turn down any mint chip or pistachio ice cream if you want to send some our way, but otherwise we’ve got this green business covered.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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