Plywerk Holiday Gift Guide - New York City!

Last week, we started off our local holiday gift guide series with our hometown of Portland. However, we realize that many of our customers live elsewhere. It’s difficult to pin down where most of you are, but statistically speaking, New York City is probably a safe place to start. We’re big fans of the Big Apple, and have spent many sleepless nights dreaming of the City that Never Sleeps, so basically we feel very qualified to write a gift guide about it. But seriously, we’ve got some some cool stuff to check out here for those of you find yourself gift shopping in Gotham. file0001981209149 First off, naturally, is a membership to MoMA (that’s the Museum of Modern Art—are you impressed yet?). We have a strong connection to the art world, and MoMA is the preeminent destination for exploring, observing, and learning about the art of our time. Memberships carry a huge value, including free admission to MoMA, free films, discounts, and more. You can also buy dual and family memberships for huge savings. Secondly, treat your special someone to a custom illustration by Plywerk customer, Jason O’Malley. As one of the “best 200 illustrators worldwide,” Jason’s work has appeared in numerous high-profile publications, including Vogue and the New York Times, and now has the opportunity to alight upon the wall of your friend or loved one’s esteemed home gallery (no doubt mounted on one of our bamboo or maple art panels.) Thirdly, pay a visit to Kaight in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn. With an emphasis on sustainability and local production, Kaight is a women’s clothing store after our own heart. They also carry jewelry, bags, shoes, and other accessories. Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend or your mom, take a look at Kaight. They are fair-trade, organic, and incredibly awesome! Fourthly, Area Kids is the place to shop for all the youngsters in your life. Started in 2005 with the mission of being a source for eco-conscious clothes and toys for babies and children, the store now has 9 locations. They also have a great selection of art supplies for the young, aspiring artist and future Plywerk aficionado. Fifthly (is that a word?), Brooklyn Industries is an exemplar of green business and they deserve your money. We’re not joking here. They started, quite literally, out of a dumpster when the founder noticed some discarded billboard material could make a nice messenger bag. Now, they sell all manner of bags, clothing, and accessories with a heavy focus on eco-friendly production. Alright, Portland and NYC are down; that leaves just about 100 million to go!

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