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At Plywerk, we like to keep things local. By that, we mean that all of our products are handmade by actual people in Portland, Oregon. And as a Portland business, we really like to work with other Portland businesses whenever possible. Fortunately for us, it’s often possible, because there are a lot of wonderful local businesses in the city of Portland.

And speaking of wonderful local businesses, we’d like to introduce you to our friends at Pro Photo Supply. We’ve been working with Pro Photo Supply for a number of years now. It’s the local photo supply and print lab that we turn to for many of our print orders. Prints are important to our business. What would a Print on Plywerk be without the print? Well, it would be a piece of wood. Granted, it would be a very nice piece of wood, but it’s not quite the same without the photo. So we’re happy to have a print lab that we know and trust. Pro Photo Supply has been providing us with high quality prints and excellent service for years.

pro photo Photo by Pro Photo Supply

Pro Photo Supply has been operating in Portland since 1983. So, (hold on while I do some math) for 30 years, they’ve been helping professionals and hobbyists alike. In addition to their print lab, Pro Photo Supply has a great selection of new and used photography equipment for sale. And if you’re not quite ready to commit, they also do rentals.

We’re happy to be acquainted with a local Portland company like Pro Photo Supply and we support their mission “to assist our community in pursuit of the art, the craft, the profession and the joy of photography.” So if you’re into photography and you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Pro Photo Supply, you should visit them at their home in Portland’s Alphabet District.


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