Plywerkers Love Queen Bee

Who likes treats? Everyone, that’s who! Well, we’ve got a special treat for you. Sorry, it’s not of the cookie variety, if that’s what you were thinking. Queen Bee is not a treat that you can eat, but it is the sort of Portland local business that makes this city great. By my math, everyone should like Queen Bee. Queen Bee makes beautiful things out of fabric and thread and if you’re not already a fan, you’re about to become one.

Maggie(3) You'll find Plywerk Maggies for sale in Queen Bee!

Rebecca Pearson founded Queen Bee back in 1996 from the corner of her bedroom. She started making and selling clothing, accessories, and jewelry in high school. She didn’t plan on turning it into a business, but Queen Bee grew, and here it is. Now, you can buy all sort of lovely wares from her shop located in North Portland.

So what will you find at Queen Bee? Well, you can check out the website and oggle their wares. But if you just can’t stand the suspense, I can tell you a bit more. They sell lovely, charming handcrafted goods that you can use in your everyday life. At Queen Bee you’ll find purses and wallets and tote bags and furniture that are practical and beautiful. Because who says a storage container has to be boring? Functional! Stylish! You can really have it all when you shop at Queen Bee.

QB_party920-2290 There is something for everyone at Queen Bee. Stop by, you'll be glad you did.

Speaking of having it all, Queen Bee also sells Plywerk’s Maggie frame, both in the store and on their website. We already love the shop, and that’s just icing on the cake. So visit Queen Bee next time you want to treat yourself. Make your life a little more beautiful when you shop at Queen Bee. You probably deserve it. You probably deserve that cookie too, so go for it.

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