Plywerkers Love Pushdot Studio

Plywerkers love all sorts of things. We love sunny days and ripe strawberries. We love roly-poly puppies. But when’s the last time a piece of fruit or an adorable animal provided us with high quality printing services? Never. (Then again, there’s a first time for everything.) The point is that Plywerkers also love Pushdot Studio. And they do provide us with superb printing services. That’s why we trust them with the ink-jet prints for our Plywerk Pros. When it comes to Portland photo printing, we turn to Pushdot for the important task of producing our Matte and Fine Art Pearl prints.

pushdot Visit Pushdot Studio here in Portland, Oregon for gorgeous ink jet prints that will delight you. Image by Pushdot Studio.

In addition to working with Plywerk, Pushdot Studio caters to the community of discriminating artists and photographers in Portland, Oregon. They provide high-end printing, photographic retouching, and high resolution scanning. Pushdot uses sophisticated techniques, quality materials, and state of the art equipment. But it’s not just their equipment and materials that sets them apart from the rest.

The people who work at Pushdot Studio are able to provide the service and quality expected by professional artists because they, too, are artists. The owner has years of experience on both the technical and creative sides of the photo imaging business. The printing professionals at Pushdot Studio aren’t just expert technicians, but also artists and photographers who approach each and every order from a client perspective. They know what you want because they probably want it too. At Pushdot, they enjoy what they do and they take pleasure in each project’s unique challenges.

pushdot-sign Pushdot Studio provides Plywerk with high-quality ink jet prints. Image by Pushdot Studio

We love to work with other great businesses here in Portland. We take pride in the products we make, so it makes us happy when others do too. When we mount a photograph or a print, we want to make sure that it looks as good as it possibly can. And when we work with a business like Pushdot Studio, we know that it will. Order a print from Plywerk and you won’t be disappointed.

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