Prodeal Partner: Newspace Center for Photography

At Plywerk, we take joy in creating art using your own images. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture something beautiful. Of course, if you do happen to be a professional photographer, we love to work with you too. That’s why we offer Prodeal Discounts for the pros who walk among us.

Your Photos and Memories on Gorgeous Bamboo   PLYWERK If you have a Big Cartel, Zenfolio, Colourlovers or now Newspace account, be sure to let us know when you sign up for a Prodeal. This will give you an even bigger discount!

If you're an individual artist, photographer, student or design professional who sells or shows your work, you can qualify for our Prodeal discounts. We've also set up Pro Partnerships with Big Cartel, Colourlovers, Zenfolio, and our newest partner, Newspace Center for Photography.

If you’re not already familiar with Newspace, allow us to make an introduction. Plywerk blog readers, meet Newspace Center for Photography. Newspace, meet our dear blog readers. Newspace is a photography resource center here in Portland, that serves students, artists, professional photographers, and educators. They offer photography classes and they host gallery exhibits. They provide the community with great facilities that include a darkroom, a digital lab, and lighting studio access. Newspace also offers valuable information and assistance through artists’ lectures and portfolio reviews.

As a Pro Partner, any member of the Newspace Center for Photography can sign up for a Plywerk Pro account and your discount will begin at 15% rather than the normal starting point of 10%. All you need to do is enter your Newspace membership code when you sign up.

5x5_sfor19_hp Get a 5x5 for $19 (regularly $31) once you sign up for a Plywerk account! Plus, free shipping on the entire order.

And as a warm welcome to the Prodeal club, you’ll immediately be eligible for a special deal. As a Pro, you can get a 5x5 Print on Plywerk for $19 (normally $31) once you sign up for an account. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? So whether you’re a member with Newspace Center for Photography, or you’re just an artist or photographer who stumbled upon us, check out the section on our site for Pros.

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